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Christmas Morning Showshoeing

With the late winters, Christmas usually marks the start of the snow sport season if you live in Western Washington. While the closer Snoqualmie area has not seen much snow yet, Stevens Pass further up north now has just enough to make the longer drive worth it. Looking east from Stevens Pass near Skyline Lake. [...]

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Coffee and Kleinur

Kleinur, the long twisted diamond shaped donuts of Iceland, are among my favorite treats that I look forward to on my visits there. More dense than the typical donuts that you’d find here in the U.S., I like to think of them as a more sophisticated version so that I feel less remorse after eating [...]

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1000 °C

When a fire ripped through Deyrolle, the beloved taxidermy establishment here, early one morning last February, it was as if a dagger had been plunged into the heart of Paris. Elaine Sciolino – From Ashes, Reviving a Place of Wild Dreams After the Deyrolle fire took place, photographer Laurent Bochet was able to photograph the [...]

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Four Seasons

Good quality prints of Andrew Wyeth’s works are not too difficult to find if you’re not constrained by a limited budget – for the rest of us, there is Four Seasons. Released over 50 years ago, the collection of reproductions span a little over 20 years of Wyeth’s art up until the early sixties. From [...]

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A Free & Easy Beach Vacation

Flipping back through the Perfect Summer Book again (see part 1 posted back in 2011).

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My Freedamn – Beach Fashions

Vintage beach fashions and swimwear via Rin Tanaka’s My Freedamn 7.

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The Green Sand Beach

Near the southern most point of the Big Island (and also technically the most southern point of the United States if you include Hawaii) lies a remote burnt out volcano that is slowing being eroded by the ocean – and down inside the caldera of the volcano lies the Green Sand beach, one of the [...]

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The Mauna Kea Summit Hike

Those with any appreciation for science and astronomy would surely want to include a visit to Mauna Kea on their Hawaii itinerary. The summit reaches 13,800 ft, and is home to some of the world’s best observatories with the mountain itself having a unique ecology comprised of several different climates. Getting to the top can [...]

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A Week on a Lava Field

During my time down in Hawaii, I had the unique opportunity to stay in an open air loft situated on the Kalapana lava field, an area that was once a town by the same name up until the early 90′s when it was wiped out by the slow moving flows that are still visible miles [...]

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The Big Island

A few snaps taken around the island.

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