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Afield, Whole Larder Love

Released last fall, Afield and Whole Larder Love both approach cooking with local sustainable foods, advocating home gardens, wild gathering, and game hunting. The recipes found in each are fairly simple to follow if you have basic kitchen experience, and it’s refreshing to see more education in an area where there is large disconnect between [...]

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Fall Inspirations – The Purdey Catalogue

Available through Purdey’s website (pdf).

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Hunting, Fishing and Camping

First published in 1942 by Leon L. Bean, Hunting, Fishing and Camping is a classic outdoors manual full of howto’s and practical advice. Topics include how to hunt for different types of wildlife, safety, fly-fishing, and cooking out in the field. While it’s fairly old and not carefully edited, most of the information is still [...]

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The Purdey Gun Catalogue

James Purdey and Sons, makers of fine guns since 1814. The company has an interesting catalogue available [pdf] going over the differences between its various shotguns and rifles, as well as a bit of its history and gun making process. Also be sure to check out the clothing section, which is full of hunting related [...]

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Holland & Holland Gun Engravings

From its new stock collection. There is also a section explaining some parts of the process in the factory tour area.

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Send for Catalogue to…

“Abercrombie & Fitch, Manufacturers of High-grade Outfits, including Outing Garments. 57 Reade Street, New York USA.” Circa 1907, from when they were outfitters to adventurers. View the catalog online. [Google Books] Also previously covered on Archival Clothing.

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Vintage Hunting Photos, via Flickr

Hunting season is here. Related posts: – Small Game Hunting in the Old Days – Illustrations from Works by William Bruce Leffingwell

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Hunting with Golden Eagles

Falconry has always fascinated me – never enough to pursue it as a hobby, but enough to enjoy reading about it. This afternoon while studying how the Kazakhs of Mongolia train their golden eagles which they use to hunt foxes and wolves, I came across some interesting photos from festivals that are held to celebrate [...]

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Small Game Hunting in the Old Days

From the LIFE photo archives, here are a few series of interesting hunting pictures taken in different parts of the world and in different time periods. Two things that are prevalent in all of them: 1) hunting was and still is a very communal activity, and 2) the working relationship between the bird dog and [...]

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