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The Cabourn x Viberg Boots

Being new to Viberg, I was not sure what to expect out of these boots but they’ve quickly become my favorite pair in the month that I’ve had them. Sold as part of Cabourn’s SS12 collection, the small details set these apart and they feel much more sturdy than others.

The leather laces are a nice touch and do not have to be pulled tight (regular fabric laces were provided as well though). The tongue is also stitched up along the sides of the suede uppers preventing it from slipping down, and is something I’d like to see other boot makers do.

Tag view. Some of the nail work can be seen inside as well.

The pre-distressed thick suede leather and Dainite soles have done a great job in Seattle’s weather, and I’m already looking forward to the new Apsley Cherry–Garrard boots that they’re making for the Expedition collection. Viberg’s blog has another preview (also here, and this one too) – hopefully they will be a bit easier to find this time around.

For further viewing and reading:

Men’s File Issue 7

The latest issue of Men’s File is now available. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a few months now after finding out about the photo shoot for Nigel Cabourn’s new Antarctic Expedition collection (scans on the Cabourn team’s blog).

As usual, Self Edge is a great resource to purchase a copy from if you’re in the U.S. Otherwise, check to see if you might have a local retailer who’s carrying it.

Men's File Issue 7

New Scarves for the Season

Instead of resorting to my usual plaid scarves this year, I thought I’d try something different with two new unusual patterned scarves from Drake’s and Nigel Cabourn. Arriving just in time for the lower temperatures, both are nicely knit and it’s easy to get great knots with each.

Left – Drake’s snowflake patterned scarf. Right – Nigel Cabourn’s hooped scarf.

The snowflake patterned scarf from Drakes can be found through several online retailers – Mr. Porter, J.Crew (which also has the fair isle scarf), and Frans Boone (in the white/chalk base colorway).

The hooped scarf from Nigel Cabourn came in a few different colorways this season and are still available through many stockists. Its construction is very basic as far as an old-fashioned knit scarf goes, and this gives it a tendency to roll inward (a feature to love or hate). The only detail I could have done without is the leather patch, which will soon be fixed with a seam ripper.


Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2011 Video

Created by Anna Victoria Best, who also took part in a series of themed shoots showcasing a selection of the pieces.

Très Bien at Pitti Uomo

And now Très Bien has begun to upload pictures of their trip to Pitti Uomo 80. Along with Bruce Pask’s reports, these are always a great way to get a peak at what’s next for upcoming seasons – my favorite so far is this (reversible?) camo sportcoat from Engineered Garments. Update: looks like some pictures have been removed.


Twitter Roundup

Some things that you might have missed if you’re not following me on twitter:

– Have you heard of Grahame Fowler? Take a look inside his store in NYC. Earlier coverage on The Trad.

– Monocle has a great article in this month’s issue on the business and ethics of the “Made In” labels. (subscription required)

– There is a restock of trousers for fall/winter at Howard Yount, many are already selling out fast.

– Noteworthy blogs to follow: Riveted and welldressed.

– Here’s another Ivy Look interview, in both French and English.

– Slashstroke Magazine makes a visit Nigel Cabourn. Also, did you know his Army Gym flagship store in Japan has a blog?

– French comics: wall art, and a blog all about Tintin.

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2010

The Nigel Cabourn website has finally been updated with images for pieces from the FW10 collection, along with a new stockist list for North America to help hunt down those elusive items. Also be sure to checkout the photography in The Ascent of Cabourn section.

Also somewhat related, I just found this older interview with Mr. Cabourn on youtube the other day, from an exhibit and presentation at University of Northumbria last year. Pictures and audio are available as well.

Sunday at the Field House

From today’s morning trip to Ballard. Woolrich Woolen Mills, LVC, RRL for fall…

Nigel Cabourn FW10. I went for the blue plaid naval shirt – and it’s already sold out in my size! wtf.



Très Bien at Pitti Uomo

The guys at Très Bien have uploaded photos from their recent buying trip to Pitti Uomo – check out the set on flickr and get some sneak peaks at spring/summer collections from Engineered Garments, Nigel Cabourn, Mark McNairy, and more.


A Nigel Cabourn Western Shirt?

It’s apparently a piece from the early 90’s, and is made from rayon. The 10 gallon cowboy hat behind it is a great touch.


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