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Tag: eBay

eBay Find: 1913 Indian Motorcycle

Here’s a piece of motorcycle history up for auction on eBay. The headlight runs on gas.

For more reading on the background of Indian motorcycles, the Selvedge Yard has a great series of posts that you should check out:
* America’s First Motorcycle – The Early Years of Cool Innovation
* America’s First Motorcycle – The Golden Powerplus Era
* The Golden Age of Icons – The Scout, Chief, and the Big Chief

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eBay Find: Grenson White Canvas Boots

These white canvas boots from Grenson showed up on ebay this last week, coincidentally right after my recent cricket post. Of course they’re not in my size.


Vintage Omega Watches

I came across these interesting early 20th century Omega watches a few weeks ago on ebay, and it was fun to watch the auctions where prices went as high as $1150.

Background reading on Omega SA.

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Vintage Pocket Watches

A few interesting finds from eBay. I’ve refrained from buying any for myself – not because they’re pointless, but because I’m worried I’d turn myself into a collector of old, non functioning watches.

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eBay Find: Vintage Triumph Motorcycle Ads

I just found a seller who has a set of neat ad brochures from Triumph Motorcycles up for auction (here and here).

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eBay find: Vintage Workshop Coat

Check out the pockets and fabric on this coat (supposedly from the 1940’s?).  The only thing that would have made this more awesome would have been riveted buttons instead of the plastic ones.

Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-40s-salt-and-pepper-work-shop-chore-coat-jacket_W0QQitemZ160337372333

Vintage Workshop Coat - Front ViewVintage Workshop Coat - Back View
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