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Sportcoat Ideas for Winter

Inspirations from last month’s issue of Men’s Ex.

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For summer. From old issues of Leon and Men’s Ex.

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The Patchpocket Blazer

On the buy list for spring – a patchpocket blazer. Maybe in cotton in linen?

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Crockett and Jones In Men’s Ex

From the recent October issue. On the shopping list for next year: suede double monks and chukka boots.

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Grey Flannel Suits

Now is the perfect time to wear them. From the Men’s Ex October 2010 issue.

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Unstructured Jackets for Summer

The unstructured jacket is a perfect solution to summer time heat when a formal appearance is still needed. What to look for: unlined, or partial lining; no padding; fabric should be cottons, linens, or tropical wool. Tailoring is particularly important to get the look just right, as the jacket will drape from the shoulders. The inevitable wrinkles can be easily steamed out at the end of the day.

A Brunello Cucinelli jacket featured in a recent T Magazine piece.

Examples from Men’s Ex.


Gingham Shirts

The most versatile of summer patterns? From Men’s Ex:


Navy Sportcoat Versatility, Continued

The importance of a navy blazer or sportcoat in any man’s wardrobe cannot be stressed enough, and Men’s Ex recently published an issue focusing on their use in both formal and casual looks. Related posts with more visual guides:
The Versatility of the Navy Sportcoat
Pairing Colored Pants for Spring – Part 1

From Men’s Ex, April 2010:

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Men’s Ex – A Study of Italian Style

February’s issue of Men’s Ex is a brief study of Italian style. I’ve scanned a few parts from it, and the first couple of pages explain the differences between the tailoring styles of the various regions by looking at different parts of the suit, such as how the sleeves are set in or how open the quarters are. I should point out though, that these generalizations are not always so black and white.

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Pairing Up Shoes

From the Men’s Ex January 2010 issue.

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