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RRL Online

Ralph Lauren is now apparently selling RRL online (a great lookbook is available too) – the website is difficult to navigate, but I found that searching for ‘RRL’ on the regular site brings up an easier interface. While some signature pieces are missing, this is great news for fans and maybe the company will lessen restrictions on stockists who in the past were not allowed to post pictures online.


Ralph Lauren at the Double RL Ranch

I finally found a video of the full interview that Ralph Lauren did for Oprah this last spring and while some of the narration is a bit soft in a few parts, it is very inspiring. Several great views of the picturesque Double RL Ranch are shown as well, and in another related video there is footage shot from a small aerial drone by Oprah’s production crew.

Garage Sale

Cool things at the Field House garage sale that I wish I bought…

RRL mud stained hats.

Totem pole decorations.

Bronze art deco eagle bookends… I’ve been eying these for what seems like years. Still too pricey for an impulse buy though.


An RRL Photo Collection

One of the annoying things about RRL is how difficult it is to find pictures of the line – mostly in part due to strict media rules placed on North American retailers. Japanese retailers do not seem to be under the same restrictions however, and are often a great way to track down information. One such store is Hunky Dory, which also maintains a great RRL set on flickr.

Sunday at the Field House

From today’s morning trip to Ballard. Woolrich Woolen Mills, LVC, RRL for fall…

Nigel Cabourn FW10. I went for the blue plaid naval shirt – and it’s already sold out in my size! wtf.



Naval RRL in Free & Easy

From the May 2010 issue.



If you missed it, tintin recently got to sit down with G. Bruce Boyer and Robert Bryan to judge a selection of chinos from a few different companies including LL Bean, Bills Khakis, Brooks Brothers, and J.Press.

A recap:

  • I was surprised to learn that Martin Greenfield offers a MTM service for chinos, but while I share tintin’s disdain for Band of Outsiders, the fit between those $550 chinos that he brings up and the $275 chinos are probably significantly different.
  • A pair of chinos from Bills Khakis are rated best overall and I’m now currently thinking about ordering a pair of the M3’s to try out.
  • Interestingly, Boyer and Bryan both picked out pairs of chinos from LINCS (a brand I’m unfamiliar with) as the best based on quality, simplicity, and selvage fabric.

Personally when I’m looking for chinos for myself, the main two qualities that I care about are fit and fabric. Though nice to have, details such as pocket flaps or button flys are unimportant, and authenticity even less. Just give me simple, slim, and sturdy chinos. That’s it. The best I’ve ever tried on that met this criteria was a pair from RRL; I passed on these however, as they came with the usual RRL price tag (which was somewhere north of $300).


Shopping for Totes

On Rakuten. First up, bags from Haversack.

haversack_totes Read more

Tacky RRL – Denim Peacoat

RRL puts out some really odd stuff sometimes, and typically is only sought after by collectors. Today’s find, a bizarre denim peacoat.

RRL denim peacoat

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