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Brooks Brothers Made-to-Measure

Online made-to-measure programs scare me but this Spring I decided to give Brooks Brothers a shot, knowing that its extra slim fit shirt model is perfect on me and that I wouldn’t have to choose anything for measurements besides my neck and sleeve size. A little over a month later, I had the shirt in [...]

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Old Is New Again

Apparently TIME magazine has a public archive of old articles on their website and it was fun searching through them for familiar topics: The Call of the Wilderness Manhattanites in plaid flannel shirts and crepe-soled leather boots are hiking down Fifth Avenue. Students in goose-down vests and baggy sweatpants are trekking through Harvard Square. Dudes [...]

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A Brooks Brothers Herringbone Sportcoat

Brooks Brothers has been selling more and more jackets in their popular Fitzgerald cut and this season included one in a tweedy herringbone wool. Unlike the newer unstructured jackets, these have some very light shoulder padding – probably needed for the weight of wool, lest you end up with some very odd looking shoulders. Fully [...]

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Split-Toe Shoes

The split-toe shoes – a great alternative to plain toe bluchers or wingtips and also good shoes to pair with a fall wardrobe. Brooks Brothers currently has some marked down under their Peal & Co line. A scan from Last, volume 13. The Edward Green Dover model is perfection.

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Back to the Basics

Embarrassingly, my formal shoe selection has been lacking for some time, so I took advantage of Brooks Brothers’ latest Friends and Family promotion to pick up a new pair that would be more appropriate to be worn with suits. I went intending to find plain Peal and Co. captoes, but came back with some featuring [...]

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Black Tie, Accessories

Last week, Simon Crompton had a piece in the more superior British GQ on the importance of following the rules of black tie accessories, particularly in what goes around your waist: One of the problems is that it can be hard to find a good waist covering. Most places will sell cummerbunds (I recommend Drake’s [...]

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Ascot Caps

The fur felt ascot cap is one of the oldest of hat designs that is still worn by men today and for colder months, they pair well with fabrics like corduroy or tweed when you want to add some variety of textures or colors to an outfit. Brands to look for: Wigens, Scala, and Christy’s [...]

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A Corduroy Suit

Brooks Brothers is selling them in their Fitzgerald cut this season, and I might finally try it out. There would be no turning back.

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Anchor Socks

The only critters I wear are on my socks. I couldn’t find an online retailer for these Punto socks that I picked up locally, but Brooks Brothers currently has some with similar anchor motifs on sale (including a pair with lobsters, and for fall, ducks and fly ties).

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Tweeds To Look Forward To

Earlier this year, Christian over on Ivy Style showed previews of what to expect from Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers for this fall and I’ve had some of those tweed jackets on my mind ever since. The natural shoulders on a few of them is what appeals to me the most I think – never [...]

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