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New Scarves for the Season

Instead of resorting to my usual plaid scarves this year, I thought I’d try something different with two new unusual patterned scarves from Drake’s and Nigel Cabourn. Arriving just in time for the lower temperatures, both are nicely knit and it’s easy to get great knots with each.

Left – Drake’s snowflake patterned scarf. Right – Nigel Cabourn’s hooped scarf.

The snowflake patterned scarf from Drakes can be found through several online retailers – Mr. Porter, J.Crew (which also has the fair isle scarf), and Frans Boone (in the white/chalk base colorway).

The hooped scarf from Nigel Cabourn came in a few different colorways this season and are still available through many stockists. Its construction is very basic as far as an old-fashioned knit scarf goes, and this gives it a tendency to roll inward (a feature to love or hate). The only detail I could have done without is the leather patch, which will soon be fixed with a seam ripper.


Drakes Raw Silk Ties Revisited

While still soft, these are about as slubby as you can get. The ties also seem a bit heavier than others that I have from Drakes, and despite being on the narrow side you can easily get a great knot out of these without having to resort to something like a double four-in-hand.


New Shantung Ties for Spring

Drake’s is now offering a selection of shantung ties for 2011 in regimental patterns. The silk used is very slubby and pairs best with casual jackets (a linen patchpocket sportcoat for example) – just be warned that the width on these are on the narrow side at 7cm. The other SS11 highlights are the new lightweight scarves and pocketsquares.


Drake’s of London Winter Sale

Drake’s of London has just put many of its ties on sale for winter – move fast, many are selling out quickly.


Drake’s Wool Throws

Available in a large selection of different colors and patterns. I’m not sure who makes them for Drake’s (the tag says they’re from Scotland, so maybe Begg’s?) but they’re pretty damn nice and are significantly much softer than any blanket from Filson, Pendleton, etc.

J.Crew is also selling the version above if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of ordering from overseas.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday Corduroy

It was a sunny fall day today, perfect for corduroy.

Shown: An Engineered Garments Bedford jacket paired with a Barbour vest, a J.Crew shirt, and a handkerchief from Drake’s.

J.Crew’s New Arrivals for October

J.Crew added a few new interesting things to their site last night: a Crescent Down Works jacket, made in the US New Balance 1400 sneakers, and scarves from Drake’s (hopefully they will carry their ties at some point?).

I don’t know what they were thinking with these $350 patchwork chinos of theirs though. They don’t even look good.

Drakes of London Fall/Winter 2010

For the deep pocketed sartorially minded, Drakes just launched a new much needed website along with their selection of fall/winter goods.


Black Tie, Accessories

Last week, Simon Crompton had a piece in the more superior British GQ on the importance of following the rules of black tie accessories, particularly in what goes around your waist:

One of the problems is that it can be hard to find a good waist covering. Most places will sell cummerbunds (I recommend Drake’s – make sure you pick the material, grosgrain or satin, that matches your lapels) but it is hard to find waistcoats. A bespoke tailor is, of course, the best option as a waistcoat is one of the hardest things to fit: my personal choices would be Henry Poole or Anderson & Sheppard. Retail, the best resources are probably Ralph Lauren Purple Label or Tom Ford. Both produce separate waistcoats with fantastic detailing and both will do made to measure if you like the style but want a better fit.

It is unfortunate that is difficult to find the proper low cut waistcoat, and I agree that finding a custom tailor to make one for you is your best bet. At retail, Brooks Brothers offers some options as well.

As for cummerbunds, Drake’s does sell a pretty nice one, but the maker is unimportant as long as you find one in a proper fabric that matches the lapels and bow tie. Make sure when wearing it that the pleats also face upwards.

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