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J.Crew’s Fair Isle Knit Tie

There are a few new things up on jcrew.com today, including this fair isle knit tie. Apparently made here in the U.S.

Other interesting pieces include corduroy shirts and a down parka (maybe a good alternative to one of those Nigel Cabourn parkas, if you don’t want to spend $2k).

Update: There are now some extra Mister Freedom pieces, the return of the deck jacket and the new chiller vest.


J.Crew New Fall Arrivals

J.Crew has started to roll out some more goods for fall on its website: highlights include the Crescent Down Works vest, chamois shirts, tweed sport coats, plenty of interesting knitwear, and a pricey watch cap from Mister Freedom.

Update: I just tried to put an order through for the navy tweed sportcoat and they’re already out of stock in my size. Why does it feel like I continually run into inventory problems with J.Crew? It’s even worse in their retail stores.

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J.Crew New Arrivals for May

J.Crew did a quiet rollout this evening of some new items for summer. My favorites are these sun faded sweatshirts and just about all of the madras shirts. There are also many new Mister Freedom pieces (those handkerchiefs will go fast), and the lobster claw belt is finally online along with another nautical inspired whale tail belt.

The only thing that’s missing that I was looking forward too are the special Warehouse jeans, but hopefully those will show up within a few weeks.

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Military Webbing Belts

Spotted in this month’s J.Crew catalog – military webbing belts with slide buckles. I’m guessing that they’ll be selling them this season, along with the Mister Freedom belts that are on their site (and are currently sold out of).

If you’re looking for something to wear besides the usual leather or ribbon belts this spring, these would be a good alternative. Instead of spending $65 though, you can get nearly identical belts in a variety of colors from military surplus stores for much less.

The more expensive antiqued Mister Freedom webbing belts.

gr8gear.com by the way, is the web store for the famous Federal Army & Navy Surplus store in downtown Seattle and is where I purchased the navy colored belt above.

The Latest from Mister Freedom

Mister Freedom Road Champ Boots
Mister Freedom Bronco Champ Jacket

J.Crew Spring 2010 is here!

J.Crew has just updated its website with new items for spring, and I’m sure more will be showing up soon. Along with some of the great looking shirts and pants, there are also new Quoddy ring boots, a distressed Mister Freedom military webbing belt, and another Superior Labor tote.

Superior Labor Tote - J.Crew
The tote, which I just ordered, was something that I had been waiting on after seeing it on Secret Forts months ago – the original model name on the Japanese sites is called “Tote Bag of the Man” and you can see more of it on Utility CoOp. I’ve been very happy with my 2way Engineer Bag, so I have high hopes for this one as well.

Superior Labor Tote Bag of the Man J.Crew
Expect more pictures and a review once it arrives!

J.Crew Men’s New Arrivals for December

J.Crew added a few new interesting items to their website last night: heavy cotton knits, footwear from Red Wing and Quoddy, and the Mulholland Master jacket from Mister Freedom.

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Mister Freedom’s Mulholland Master Jacket

Now in at Self Edge: Link


Mister Freedom FW2009 in at Self Edge

They’ve so far received the mechanic’s sweatshirt, mechanic’s shirt, rider’s cap, and rider’s dungarees. According to Kiya, more should arrive next month.


Interview with Mister Freedom

Check out this really great piece on Denimaniac.

A snippet:

DM:What role do you think denim played in the whole vintage/heritage movement we see in recent years?

Christophe: It’s that phenomenon of the rich man who wants to look poor, and vice versa. Beat up denim and old school work clothes for “them that got” and the status giving monogram bag for the others…No-one is happy where he is, it seems. The old story about the grass being greener…

I also think guys are turning away from the ‘androgynous’ look, to a more masculine one. Wearing denim/workwear doesn’t make anyone a tough guy, but I think women must be happy of that change! I’m sure that, should the option presents itself, they’d rather go out with Brando or McQueen than Boy George…

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