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Early National Geographic Volumes

Google Books now has an amazing collection of early National Geographic volumes spanning the first several decades of the Society’s history (NGS was founded in 1888). The important part: all of them are free and can be downloaded in either pdf or epub formats. The first ones – Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume [...]

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Make Your Own Moccasins

From Popular Science, August 1937.

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On Curling

I recently had the opportunity to try out curling for the first time, the sport where teams of players attempt to slide and position 42 pound granite stones in a certain way over ice. Going into it I had some misgivings, but it ended up being a lot of fun and there is quite a [...]

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Steve McQueen Unpublished Photos from LIFE

Via Sartorially Inclined. See more on life.com. For context, you should also read the original article that the pictures were shot for: LIFE Issue Jul 12, 1963 In the following issue that was published that year, there were some humorous letters to the editor in regards to the article.

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Ralph Lauren Interview, from 1985

Found in an old issue of New York Magazine. Ralph Lauren reminisces about his upbringing, getting his start in fashion, and Brooks Brothers. Some quotes: Q: And where did you get the notion of Polo as an appropriate name? A: I’ve always liked sports and athletics, and name were not important to me. I was [...]

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Shackleton’s Whisky

It was recently reported that a team sponsored by Whyte & Mackay had recovered several cases of whisky left behind by Shackleton and his crew in Antarctica (they will apparently try to recreate the particular batch found). The fascinating story led me to spend part of this last week reading Shackleton’s book on his retelling [...]

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Vintage Levi’s Ads

From 1903 and 1893 respectively. Yes, that second one is real.

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All About Coffee and its History in Old New York

For the coffee snobs, here is a remarkable book on the subject of the drink written in 1922. Topics include its history in different regions from the time, coffee preparation and techniques, chemistry, and industry information. Despite its age, much of the knowledge is still current. From the foreword: Civilization in its onward march has [...]

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Manual of Military Training from 1917

First written in 1914 by Captain James Moss, the manual was intended as a be-all resource for the training of new cadets and soldiers. Topics include drill formation, fitness, combat with bayonets, first aid, map/compass reading, and trench warfare.

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What I Like in a Bike – and Why

Written in 1966 by Steve McQueen for Popular Science, he reviews several motorcycles out in the desert.

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