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Syphon Coffee with Intelligentsia

There are also episodes for espresso and cappuccinos – all made by The Department of the 4th Dimension.

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Pour-over Coffee with Hario

Since picking up a pour-over coffee hobby, my kitchen is starting to look more like a chemistry lab with different types of filters, decanters, and other glass contraptions strewn about. As with most hobbies, this is just a slippery slope to more elaborate things and I suspect fancy siphon systems with beam heaters will be [...]

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Clover Coffee

Over the past two years, Starbucks has been slowly rolling out Clover coffee machines to its stores nationwide. Before they purchased the company that made them, the little machines sold for $11k each, and they produce only one cup of coffee at a time through a fancy vacuum method that’s always fun to watch. The [...]

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The First Espresso Cart in the U.S.?

This interesting photo came up on one of the blogs for the Seattle Times today. Taken in 1979, it supposedly shows the first espresso cart in the U.S.

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All About Coffee and its History in Old New York

For the coffee snobs, here is a remarkable book on the subject of the drink written in 1922. Topics include its history in different regions from the time, coffee preparation and techniques, chemistry, and industry information. Despite its age, much of the knowledge is still current. From the foreword: Civilization in its onward march has [...]

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Starbucks VIA – Instant Coffee

Going into Christmas my work days become longer and my time available to do other things, like prepare coffee, disappears. Starbucks developed a great new instant coffee for people like me which they’re calling VIA, and unlike other instant coffees it actually tastes good (I would say that it’s even better than their regular drip [...]

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Coffee Stands

If you’ve ever driven through the Pacific Northwest, you might have noticed the ubiquitous coffee stands that dot the highways and towns. These are usually pretty popular in their respective areas (some for particular reasons), and we even have a book on it. Images from flickr.

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Espresso on Ice

Besides beer, this is probably the best summer drink that you can have. Just pour the shots directly over the ice and nurse on it for an hour or so. This brings out more of the flavors while removing some of the bitterness. Coffee is for closers only.

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