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Hunting, Fishing and Camping

First published in 1942 by Leon L. Bean, Hunting, Fishing and Camping is a classic outdoors manual full of howto’s and practical advice. Topics include how to hunt for different types of wildlife, safety, fly-fishing, and cooking out in the field. While it’s fairly old and not carefully edited, most of the information is still [...]

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Old Is New Again

Apparently TIME magazine has a public archive of old articles on their website and it was fun searching through them for familiar topics: The Call of the Wilderness Manhattanites in plaid flannel shirts and crepe-soled leather boots are hiking down Fifth Avenue. Students in goose-down vests and baggy sweatpants are trekking through Harvard Square. Dudes [...]

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Chamois Cloth Shirts

The chamois cloth shirt has been a longtime favorite among outdoorsmen – made from soft sueded cotton (think flannel), they are ideal for layering in cold weather and are about as warm as wool. Just don’t get them wet. Some newer ones for consideration this season: An LL Bean chamois cloth shirt in the Signature [...]

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New Moccasins from L.L. Bean

More info on Sartorially Inclined. The navy suede versions are going to be a hit.

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L.L. Bean’s Norwegian Sweater

LL Bean is set to reintroduce its older Norwegian fisherman’s sweater within a few weeks, and I’m sure that the Americana crowd in NYC will be sporting them not long after. If you purchase one, please only do it because you like the sweater and not because it’s some supposed Ivy League icon (it wasn’t [...]

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L.L. Bean Signature

According to this piece in the NYT today, Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery will be helping L.L. Bean out with a new low cost line with better silhouettes.  The first pieces will be available in Spring 2010. I’m looking forward to how this will turn out, and I really like that they’re not trying to [...]

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