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1000 °C

When a fire ripped through Deyrolle, the beloved taxidermy establishment here, early one morning last February, it was as if a dagger had been plunged into the heart of Paris. Elaine Sciolino – From Ashes, Reviving a Place of Wild Dreams After the Deyrolle fire took place, photographer Laurent Bochet was able to photograph the [...]

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Over the next two weeks if you find yourself down in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood for lunch, you might like to stop into the temporary Hardware[Store] on Occidental Avenue – it is not a store in the traditional sense, but is instead an art installation to highlight tools both rare and common. Run by Olson [...]

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Brasserie Tables

Restoration Hardware is now selling a small set of tables styled after older ones found in European cafes. The table with the brass covered top is tempting. My second favorite, slightly larger than the brass one above.

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Furnishing an Old Apartment

I’ve spent a good part of the past 4-5 weeks slowly moving into another apartment (it turns out that moving gets harder as you get older) and I’ve been shopping around for needed furniture pieces. Compared to other large metro areas, the vintage market here in Seattle is surprisingly weak when it comes to things [...]

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Belltown’s Popsicle

If you find yourself going north through downtown Seattle on 4th Ave, you will eventually pass by this: The giant popsicle will make you smile every time and is one of the few nice things to see in Belltown. Some background reading on the sculpture (it showed up early this summer, and at first nobody [...]

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The Quintessential Utility Vehicle

Land Rover – the maintenance headache that is loved by many. Fans have taken to flickr for sharing images of the countless variants, and some of my favorite shots are from one of Land Rover’s own groups.

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Garage Sale

Cool things at the Field House garage sale that I wish I bought… RRL mud stained hats. Totem pole decorations. Bronze art deco eagle bookends… I’ve been eying these for what seems like years. Still too pricey for an impulse buy though.

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Polly Morgan’s Studio

Arrested Motion (a great art blog) was recently able to visit Polly Morgan at her studio in London and it’s interesting to get a view of her projects while they’re being built. Still Birth and some of her other small pieces are available for sale through her online store. Photo by Sven Davis. There are [...]

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Vintage Motorcycle Designs

Some classics from Triumph, AJS, and Panther… See more from LIFE.

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Drake’s Wool Throws

Available in a large selection of different colors and patterns. I’m not sure who makes them for Drake’s (the tag says they’re from Scotland, so maybe Begg’s?) but they’re pretty damn nice and are significantly much softer than any blanket from Filson, Pendleton, etc. J.Crew is also selling the version above if you don’t want [...]

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