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Icelandic Knitwear

Ubiquitous around Iceland, the lopapeysa has become an icon for the country’s wool industry over the past several decades. They are traditionally hand knit with lopi, a coarse but hardy wool from Icelandic sheep, and are quite cozy and warm when worn. Recently, some groups within Iceland have been pushing to have the sweaters legally [...]

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New North Sea Clothing Sweaters

I’ve been shopping around online lately for fall knitwear options and just noticed that North Sea Clothing has updated its site recently with several new versions of its sweaters along with an “Engineer” model based on an older military design. The new releases are timely as I just pulled my favorite Expedition sweater out of [...]

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The Aran Sweater Story Continued – Stitches at Sea

Here’s another great article on the background of Aran sweaters. From Stitches at Sea, by Linda Cortright: Up until the latter part of the 20th century, most islanders (total population 1,218) were still engaged in either fishing or farming – each one presenting a formidable set of challenges. But times have changed all that and [...]

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Aran Sweater Myths

Marketers and salesmen will often tell tales about how particular patterns in Aran sweaters were once used to identify the bodies of lost fisherman. However, this is a myth. From wikipedia: It is sometimes said that each fisherman (or his family) had a jumper with a unique design, so that if he drowned and was [...]

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More Cold Weather Knitwear

From an older edition of Esquire’s Black Book.

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Holiday Knitwear

Intarsia sweater overload on RalphLauren.com this year. It’s okay to have one or two of these types of sweaters in your wardrobe for wearing during the holiday season (they’re just as odd as madras jackets, white bucks, and critter chinos). I have this shawl collar cardigan from J.Crew that I had purchased on a bet, [...]

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