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Tag: Rin Tanaka

My Freedamn – Beach Fashions

Vintage beach fashions and swimwear via Rin Tanaka’s My Freedamn 7.

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King of Vintage – Heller’s Cafe Part 2

Rin Tanaka has continued his King of Vintage series with another volume showcasing more pieces in Larry McKaughan’s collections – like the first volume, the book opens with a great section on workwear and then transitions through outdoor clothing, sportswear, and then motorcyle gear. The most interesting part however, is the last section on American military graffiti which features items that were painted, stenciled, and embroidered by servicemen.

Get it from InspirationLA.com or Self Edge.

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Inspiration LA – Volume 2

Rin Tanaka’s Inspiration Volume 2 event for vintage enthusiasts is wrapping up today and some great pictures are already showing up on the web, many with familiar faces:

* NYC Paris London HK Tokyo LA
* Junctioned
* In Pursuit of The Rush
* BEAMS style photo stream

Image from Modernica’s blog.

King of Vintage

Rin Tanaka’s latest book “King of Vintage” documents part of the collection owned by Heller’s Cafe, a local dealer of very old clothing. Over two hundred items are shown, covering everything from sport uniforms to motorcycle jackets.

Get it from InspirationLA.com, Self Edge, or your local Kinokuniya book store.

Update 5/19: Men’s Mentore has some more scans.

Update 5/20: J.Crew is now selling it too.

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Spring Inspirations – Motorcycles Et Cetera

Above: Images from Harley-Davidson, Books of Fashions 1910s-1950s by Rin Tanaka.

Above: Images from Men’s File, Issue 2.

Report from Inspiration LA

Rin Tanaka’s Inspiration meetup took place down in LA last week and Albert Thomas was able do a great writeup and report from the event for Styleforum.net. Hopefully Rin will decide to do this again next year – I will definitely make the trip!

I’ll admit that I felt a bit out of the loop a year ago when I first heard of Rin Tanaka and his “My Freedamn!” book series which covered Americana elements from the 30s-70s of motorcycle, surf, hot rod, and hippie fashion scenes. It was a bit like finding out that Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Brian Wilson, and Jim Morrison had made a home movie documenting their road trip weekend binge in Las Vegas. When I got the call about the two-day show, I knew it wouldn’t take much coaxing to get me to trek down to that hangar in Santa Monica.

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Image by Albert Thomas for Styleforum.net.



Rin Tanaka has put together an amazing event for February:

The kulture recycling & vintage fashion event “Inspiration” will be hosted by Rin Tanaka, the author of the “My Freedamn!” book series. Under the big theme of his life, “vintage fashion,” this event will be held at one of the coolest “event halls” in Los Angeles, “Barker Hanger,” which is located inside Santa Monica Airport. As the photo on this page shows, this vintage-looking space is mostly used as vintage airplane storage for repair crews, but on February 12th and 13th, 2010, this huge indoor space (capacity: 3,000 people) will be filled with many vintage fashion fans from around the world!

During this two-day show, a total of 60 vendors and exhibitors will set up unique and very special booths displaying their own inspiration: 35 vintage fashion dealers, 10 designer & artist booths, 8 charity garage sales, and 7 special exhibitions. Their business concept in this vintage atmosphere is to “buy and sell inspiration.” Actually, many “kulture recycling” products, mainly vintage American fashions manufactured in the 1910s-1980s, will be displayed everywhere in this hall. Vintage fans will get amazing opportunities to view so many vintage items. Most items will be “for sale,” except for special exhibition decorations.

Read more about it and purchase tickets on inspirationla.com. I’d fly down for this if I wasn’t tied up at work. ;_;

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