Rin Tanaka’s Inspiration meetup took place down in LA last week and Albert Thomas was able do a great writeup and report from the event for Styleforum.net. Hopefully Rin will decide to do this again next year – I will definitely make the trip!

I’ll admit that I felt a bit out of the loop a year ago when I first heard of Rin Tanaka and his “My Freedamn!” book series which covered Americana elements from the 30s-70s of motorcycle, surf, hot rod, and hippie fashion scenes. It was a bit like finding out that Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Brian Wilson, and Jim Morrison had made a home movie documenting their road trip weekend binge in Las Vegas. When I got the call about the two-day show, I knew it wouldn’t take much coaxing to get me to trek down to that hangar in Santa Monica.

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Image by Albert Thomas for Styleforum.net.