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Vintage Motorcycle Designs

Some classics from Triumph, AJS, and Panther… See more from LIFE.

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Tricker’s Motorcycle Boots

Clunky wingtip boots are probably the first thing to come to mind when thinking of Tricker’s, but like the other Northampton firms, they have a very wide catalog of shoes available. Motorcycle boots are among them. It is a hard to find design and they’re reminiscent to the older equestrian boots and puttees (leg coverings) [...]

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eBay Find: 1913 Indian Motorcycle

Here’s a piece of motorcycle history up for auction on eBay. The headlight runs on gas. For more reading on the background of Indian motorcycles, the Selvedge Yard has a great series of posts that you should check out: * America’s First Motorcycle – The Early Years of Cool Innovation * America’s First Motorcycle – [...]

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A Motorcycle Dealer on H Street

I haven’t been able to stop studying this old photo on shorpy that Pete linked to this morning on twitter. If you were to summarize Rin Tanaka’s Harley Davidson Book of Fashions into one picture, this might do a pretty good job. Washington, D.C., circa 1925. “H. Addison Bowie.” A motorcycle dealer on H Street. [...]

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Spring Inspirations – Motorcycles Et Cetera

Above: Images from Harley-Davidson, Books of Fashions 1910s-1950s by Rin Tanaka. Above: Images from Men’s File, Issue 2.

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Royal Enfield

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What I Like in a Bike – and Why

Written in 1966 by Steve McQueen for Popular Science, he reviews several motorcycles out in the desert.

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Daytona Beach Racer

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A Vintage Harley… on Gilt?

I was surprised when I opened today’s email from Gilt – for a limited time they’re selling a vintage Harley Davidson 1972 shovelhead motorcycle from NYC Motorcycle Federation. It was used in the movie Hell Ride.

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Honda Design

“Honda Design: Motorcyle Part 1 1957-1984″ is a great new book that was just published and is a must buy for anyone interested in the history behind motorcycle designs. It documents just about every model that Honda and its teams have produced up until the mid 80′s and a DVD is included with interviews with [...]

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