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The Elements of Style, Illustrated

While I still prefer my ragged dog-eared paperback edition of The Elements of Style, this nicely bound hardcover version is nice to flip through on occasion for inspiration and is always within arm’s reach on my desk. Its illustrator Maira Kalman has also worked on other notable projects and was recently featured in the WSJ [...]

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Rogue’s Gallery Illustrations – Part 2

More illustrations from Rogue’s Gallery (an old children’s book) – Part 1, for reference.

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Illustrations from Free & Easy

Scans of drawings that you’ll occasionally find in issues of Free & Easy. Some of the styling is quite odd out of context.

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Football Illustrations from Yale, 1878

College football illustrations by Frederic Remington, circa 1878. For a brief time, he was an art student at Yale and also played on the school’s team, which became the subject of many of his early drawings. From wikipedia: Remington attended the art school at Yale University, the only male in the freshman year. However, he [...]

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The Navy Art Collection

From the Naval History and Heritage Command: “The Navy Art Collection has over 15,000 paintings, prints, drawings, and sculpture. It contains depictions of naval ships, personnel, and action from all eras of U.S. naval history, but due to the operation of the Combat Art Program, the eras of World War II, the Korean War, the [...]

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The Illustrations of Rien Poortvliet

Poortvliet was a famous Dutch painter, best known for his part in the creation of the Gnome children’s books. He was also both a hunter and a naturalist, and spent a lot of time creating vivid and educational illustrations of the wildlife around him in Europe. From wikipedia: Poortvliet saw himself as a characteristic narrator. [...]

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Cowboys and Vaqueros

During the late 19th century, illustrator Frederic Remington documented and painted life as he experienced it in the wild west when the prairies were still untouched and U.S. cavalries were still fighting Indian tribes. Over the foot-hills. Riding the range – winter. The punchers.

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Rogue’s Gallery Illustrations

Not that Rogues Gallery, though the name did catch my eye when I was skimming through shelves at one of my local used bookstores this weekend. Published in 1969 by Edgar Parker, the children’s book has some fun illustrations that I couldn’t pass up.

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