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Barbour Fall/Winter 2011

Pictures of Barbour’s fall/winter collections are now showing up online through its retail partners – aside from the classic pieces and a few of the new designs, most of it is very ho hum or generic and it feels like the design teams forgot what makes Barbour Barbour. At first glance, some of the knitwear looks great, but why would they feel the need to attach logos? Then there are the printed items, like this version of the explorer bag which looks like a Paul Smith rip-off. And the Steve McQueen collection is just as tacky as it was at Pitti.

The better looking items to keep an eye out for: the Pegasus jacket (a modified version of the Ursula jacket design), the fair isle patterned scarf and gloves, and the Melrose cardigan (assuming they didn’t stick Steve McQueen somewhere on it). Some of the shirts are also promising, just look for the slim fit versions if you can find them.

Barbour Fall Winter 2011 Pegasus Jacket and Melrose Cardigan

Pairing Up Barbour Jackets

From the current winter issue of Men’s Precious. I like the emphasis on complementary tones with small pops of color, my favorite being the unexpected polka dot scarf paired with International jacket.

On a related note, Barbour has updated its website for the SS11 collection, though I don’t think there is anything too noteworthy aside from the nylon International jackets.

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Pitti Uomo News Roundup

* Bruce Pask again has an excellent writeup for the NYTimes on most of the brands I was interested in. Likewise, Khabi on Fashion Buyer UK has also shared his thoughts on what was shown.

* Men’s Mentore had some great coverage with lots of pictures. Oddly the only highlight for me are those floral print squares from Hill-Side.

* Fashionising has published a list of observations they made about some of the lines and on the show in general.

* Get ready for some small price hikes. WWD also had an article on this:

Eric Jennings, vice president and fashion director of men’s for Saks Fifth Avenue, said that after holding off for a couple of seasons due to the recession, men want to replace holes in their wardrobe, whether for suits or sportswear. Among the main challenges for the sector, however, are the price hikes instituted by vendors following steep increases on raw materials and piece goods, many of which have risen by up to 30 percent. “I think the vendors are very cognizant of [the situation] and will partner with us, and we won’t get sticker shock this season, but it’s a huge factor,” he said.

* Nigel Cabourn continues to do his thing. The Brady bags look great, but the Eddie Baeur collection feels off in that none of the pieces look like anything Eddie Baeur has ever made (not in a good way). On mention of which, when is Eddie Baeur going to get its act together and come out with a line based on its archival pieces?

* Très Bien Shop has posted pictures of their trip to their flickr account. Lots of previews of favorite brands are shown.

* In continuing the race to market his name into the ground, Barbour premiered its new Steve McQueen collection. Like the previously branded clothing line which nobody bought, some elements of it are pretty naff. Yes, he’s an icon, but screenprinting his image on the inside of your riding jacket is going a bit too far.

Pictured above, FW11 preview images from ts(s) and below, Engineered Garments.


75 Years of the International Jacket

Barbour has updated its website with an interactive area on the history of the International jacket, along with a section highlighting its two new limited edition versions to mark the anniversary. Of course, Steve McQueen is not left out.

Photo via The Selvedge Yard.

The Barbour Marylebone Shirt

Barbour has a new range of slim fit shirts this season under their Heritage collection, and some with interesting details that seem to be inspired by old riding gear and Mod clothing. With the help of my local stockist, I was able to special order one the Portugal made “Marylebone” shirts in a black/grey gingham fabric which features a slanted chest pocket.

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Sunday Corduroy

It was a sunny fall day today, perfect for corduroy.

Shown: An Engineered Garments Bedford jacket paired with a Barbour vest, a J.Crew shirt, and a handkerchief from Drake’s.

Knit Gloves from Barbour

If you’re looking to pick up a pair of sturdy and basic knit gloves this winter, check out the ones from Barbour. While not soft, the wool that Barbour uses is heavy and thick, and they’re something that you’d expect to find issued to the military. Being 100% wool, they’re also ideal for outdoor activities like fishing (wool will still help you keep warm when wet).

Orvis has both versions available for under $20 each: the regular type (also on sale), and the fingerless.


The London Trading Company

One of my new favorite stores: The London Trading Company. Barbour, Purdey, Beretta, and other fine goods all under one roof.

ltc_boots_1 ltc_boots_2
ltc_shirt_1 ltc_shirt_2
ltc_belts_1 ltc_ties_1
ltc_knife_1 ltc_lighter_1

The Barbour Ursula Jacket

I had not heard news of this until now, but it looks like Barbour is releasing a reproduction of the Ursula jacket used by submariners during WW2. I don’t know how faithful the details are to the original, but it’s pretty cool of them do this.

It will be available through Orvis and other Barbour retailers starting next month.

Barbour’s New Jackets for Fall

In addition to the To Ki To stuff, Barbour has updated its website with items in their Fall/Winter selection and there lots of great jackets to choose from this year. One absence though is the tailored waistcoat (or at least I can’t find it), hopefully they have not dropped it just yet as I need to buy another one.

Sidenote: the only thing I dislike about their recent direction is all of the various “collections”. What is the difference between the sporting collection, the classic collection, or the heritage collection? There is no distinction between any of them and the branding is confusing – they should just drop the titles and just focus on “Barbour”.

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