* Bruce Pask again has an excellent writeup for the NYTimes on most of the brands I was interested in. Likewise, Khabi on Fashion Buyer UK has also shared his thoughts on what was shown.

* Men’s Mentore had some great coverage with lots of pictures. Oddly the only highlight for me are those floral print squares from Hill-Side.

* Fashionising has published a list of observations they made about some of the lines and on the show in general.

* Get ready for some small price hikes. WWD also had an article on this:

Eric Jennings, vice president and fashion director of men’s for Saks Fifth Avenue, said that after holding off for a couple of seasons due to the recession, men want to replace holes in their wardrobe, whether for suits or sportswear. Among the main challenges for the sector, however, are the price hikes instituted by vendors following steep increases on raw materials and piece goods, many of which have risen by up to 30 percent. “I think the vendors are very cognizant of [the situation] and will partner with us, and we won’t get sticker shock this season, but it’s a huge factor,” he said.

* Nigel Cabourn continues to do his thing. The Brady bags look great, but the Eddie Baeur collection feels off in that none of the pieces look like anything Eddie Baeur has ever made (not in a good way). On mention of which, when is Eddie Baeur going to get its act together and come out with a line based on its archival pieces?

* Très Bien Shop has posted pictures of their trip to their flickr account. Lots of previews of favorite brands are shown.

* In continuing the race to market his name into the ground, Barbour premiered its new Steve McQueen collection. Like the previously branded clothing line which nobody bought, some elements of it are pretty naff. Yes, he’s an icon, but screenprinting his image on the inside of your riding jacket is going a bit too far.

Pictured above, FW11 preview images from ts(s) and below, Engineered Garments.