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Ralph Lauren at the Double RL Ranch

I finally found a video of the full interview that Ralph Lauren did for Oprah this last spring and while some of the narration is a bit soft in a few parts, it is very inspiring. Several great views of the picturesque Double RL Ranch are shown as well, and in another related video there [...]

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Holiday Tartans

There is a new ‘Holiday Tartans‘ section on RalphLauren.com for all things plaid, and it also includes these made in the USA moccasin boots and loafers that I haven’t noticed before: The ‘Holiday Dressing‘ section has some great looking jackets as well.

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Old Is New Again

Apparently TIME magazine has a public archive of old articles on their website and it was fun searching through them for familiar topics: The Call of the Wilderness Manhattanites in plaid flannel shirts and crepe-soled leather boots are hiking down Fifth Avenue. Students in goose-down vests and baggy sweatpants are trekking through Harvard Square. Dudes [...]

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The Wool Challis Tie

The wool challis tie is perfect for this time of the year and pairs well with tweed and corduroy jackets for when you want to add a different texture. The fabric is made with a sturdy but soft simple weave and is a good alternative to the more expensive cashmere tie. Classic options can be [...]

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Ralph Lauren Sale and the Pink Pony Fund

From now until October 11, you can get 25% off of your purchases at RalphLauren.com by using the code RLGIVE2010 during checkout (the discount is also in effect at Ralph Lauren and RRL stores, see the fine print for details). As part of their promotion, they’re also donating 10% of each sale to the Pink [...]

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Black Tie, Gone a Bit Too Far

From some older Ralph Lauren ads. Of course they’re over the top and should not be copied head to toe, but there are elements of each that are useful as a guide now that black tie season is starting up.

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Tweeds To Look Forward To

Earlier this year, Christian over on Ivy Style showed previews of what to expect from Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers for this fall and I’ve had some of those tweed jackets on my mind ever since. The natural shoulders on a few of them is what appeals to me the most I think – never [...]

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Silver Slide Buckles

It needs a good polishing, but I finally got around to getting a new belt for this sterling silver slide buckle that I’ve had lying around unused for the past few years. Made in England like the best of them, it was purchased from J.Crew of all places back when they attempted to sell a [...]

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Ralph Lauren Shoe Sale

About 2-3 times a year, online discount shoe retailer Grapevinehill will get in shipments of Ralph Lauren branded shoes where you can sometimes find great deals (50% off retail, and better). Skip the made in Italy ones, and go straight for the pairs made in the USA and England. Use the code BIGRL for 15% [...]

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The Ralph Lauren Sotheby’s Auction, 1995

In 1995, Sotheby’s hosted an auction for a large collection of antiques and fine art that was used by Ralph Lauren to showcase his clothing lines throughout his stores, showrooms, and advertisements. If you’ve ever visited the Ralph Lauren mansion in NYC, or the store on Michigan Ave in Chicago, you definitely can get a [...]

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