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Engineered Garments Aloha Fabrics

Engineered Garments for several years now has been incorporating Hawaiian fabrics into its collections, my first memory of it being the bark cloth pieces made for the Spring/Summer 09 season. The current season was the jackpot though, if you had any tropical vacations planned this year, and highlights were several shirt designs including popovers, four pocket camp shirts (similar to the Guayabera), and the more traditional button downs. Other designers have since taken notice, and you can now find Hawaiian patterned fabrics in increasingly more collections.

Above – A popover from the current season which has a print fabric that was reversed around when cutting it off from the bolt, giving it a more subdued color palette. Turning the shirt inside out would show its true colors.

Below – A QT vest from last year, which in my case is more ideal for layering.

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Engineered Garments SS13 at Jack Straw

With deliveries for spring/summer collections mostly done, I recently stopped into Jack Straw to check out its current selections including the latest from Engineered Garments. Over the past few seasons, the size and assortment of its picks have grown and is now one of the best places to track down items outside of Nepenthes NYC and Bureau of Belfast (EG takes up the entire back area of the store in an impressive display).

My favorite picks from this season include the new driver jacket in iridescent cotton twill, the red plaid bedford jacket, and the reversed sateen olive fatigue pants. In addition to the men’s shipments, they also have a nice capsule collection of the more interesting FWK pieces for women.

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Western Shirt Patchwork

After a couple years of frequent use, my favorite western shirt from Engineered Garments started to show some wear and tear around the elbow areas. I first considered doing a single patch piece for each sleeve, but the high button plackets would have made the placement look awkward – so instead, I took some inspiration from Junya Watanabe’s recent collections and patched up the areas with several different smaller pieces.

Starting the work on the patches using a sewing machine. The fabric was sourced from a local store in Ballard, Drygoods Design, which is a great place to find interesting materials for small DIY projects like this.

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Casual Trousers for Fall

Top: Engineered Garments Desert pants with an updated pocket design. Below: Engineered Garments USN pants, which are great alternative to the Workaday fatigue pants if you find them too loose fitting.

Other good options this season include the half lined Cambridge trousers and the milsurplus styled ground crew pants.

Engineered Garments FW 2012 Previews

A couple previews of the Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2012 collection have surfaced recently – the first through a Japanese stockist and now another through the Gap Men Press publication which showcases work for upcoming seasons. While the images are small and low quality, you can still see some new interesting details and designs.

EG fans can probably expect the full lookbook to be released online around late June-July.

Update: Honeyee now has a picture showing a new camo bedford jacket, the C-1 vest, and a western shirt.

Engineered Garments Fall Winter 2012
Engineered Garments Fall Winter 2012

Checking out SS12 at Jack Straw

Spring is slowly arriving in Seattle and my favorite store downtown has received just about all of its SS12 shipments. From Engineered Garments, there are lots of great jackets, ties, and shirts including the rare 19th century button down in white polka dot.

While Junya Watanabe’s SS12 runway show had some outlandish gear, the pieces carried at Jack Straw are much more approachable (and wearable) – my favorites from this season include a fair isle pattern rollneck sweater and round collar Mackintosh jackets in navy and green.

Very interesting navy captoe boots from Yohji Yamamoto can be found in the back area.

A selection of Dries Van Noten pieces, including several light unstructured jackets for warmer weather.

Not pictured – the Boglioli patch pocket sportcoat in a shade of blue that would overload tumblr. From what I hear, some more great lines are on the way for this next fall/winter as well.

Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2012

The lookbook for the Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2012 collection is now available online via nepenthes.co.jp, and some early deliveries have already made it to Japan (Nepenthes, Engineered Garments). I will be on the lookout for the Brookline jacket featuring camo lining shown in figure 31.

New Cold Weather Shirts

Engineered Garments and Our Legacy Shirts
Our Legacy Two Pocket Shirt
Olive is not the first color that comes to mind when picking out a shirt, but this particular one on the right from Our Legacy has been a nice alternative to a jacket this month when the weather is still on the warm side. Its design is simple and the angled flap pockets are reminiscent to older outdoor shirts, most notably from LL Bean. The most interesting part is the sueded heavy cotton twill that it’s made from giving it a very soft hand. Where to find: several online stockists are carrying this shirt in olive and navy, just search for “Our Legacy two pocket shirt”.

Engineered Garments Flannel Workshirt
The Engineered Garments workshirt design is available in several cotton flannel patterns this season, and the one I picked out is as close as I’ll be able to get to the colorway used in the older flannel binocular shirts (years later I still regret not getting one). While it can be a bit too bold to wear on its own, it will be perfect for layering under other casual items like a corduroy Bedford and ripstop field vest. Where to find: a good variety of flannel workshirts are available through Blake, Drinkwater’s, and Inventory.

Engineered Garments FW11 Early Arrivals

Engineered Garments Fall Winter 2011 Early Arrivals
The first shipments for fall from Engineered Garments are now getting to stores both in the U.S and Japan:

– If you’re in Seattle, Jack Straw received Bedford jackets in navy wool serge and brown corduroy, shawl collar vests, and 19th century button down shirts. (I snapped the picture of them above)
Context just uploaded pictures of its first shipment including fair isle knit ties, a duffle jacket, and a few jersey pieces.
– The Nepenthes NYC store blog also has pictures of several new pieces and some updated versions of older designs (notably the upland vest).
– Update: Inventory now has a selection of field parkas, Bedford jackets, fair isle knit ties, and floral pieces.

Other great Japanese stores and resources that have received shipments: Engineered Garments Tokyo, Remix, Silver & Gold, Kink, and Dice & Dice.

More items too appear later…

Go To Hell Shorts

The Trad on GTH pants:

A word of warning, though. While you can, and should, wear these trousers with a sport coat, they are not to be worn to work. These are occasion trousers and with that comes the responsibility of time and place. The time is summer. The place is near water and within arm’s reach of a G&T. Going sockless helps, and a half lined navy blazer in linen keeps you respectable, while the dash of Ray-Ban aviators kicks you into the classic GTH look. True devil-may-care attire always requires forethought.

The same advice could be said for GTH shorts, though you have more leeway in what to pair them up with – in my case I often go with a white linen button-down or polo shirt sans sport coat.

Where to find: Ralph Lauren, Rugby, and Gant (Rugger or Bastian) are good places to check. Engineered Garments will also usually have a few in its spring/summer collections as well, and from this current season I just received an exceptionally great pair in a red/white/blue floral print.

Engineered Garments Go To Hell Shorts
Engineered Garments Floral Print Ghurka Shorts
Engineered Garments Go To Hell Shorts
Mohawk General Store has a few pairs left on sale – the same fabric was also used to make a matching camp shirt, though I suggest not wearing them together.

Now I just have to wait for Seattle to break past its sweltering 68°F summer days before I can start wearing them (line borrowed from a Redhook ad).

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