Engineered Garments Fall Winter 2011 Early Arrivals
The first shipments for fall from Engineered Garments are now getting to stores both in the U.S and Japan:

– If you’re in Seattle, Jack Straw received Bedford jackets in navy wool serge and brown corduroy, shawl collar vests, and 19th century button down shirts. (I snapped the picture of them above)
Context just uploaded pictures of its first shipment including fair isle knit ties, a duffle jacket, and a few jersey pieces.
– The Nepenthes NYC store blog also has pictures of several new pieces and some updated versions of older designs (notably the upland vest).
– Update: Inventory now has a selection of field parkas, Bedford jackets, fair isle knit ties, and floral pieces.

Other great Japanese stores and resources that have received shipments: Engineered Garments Tokyo, Remix, Silver & Gold, Kink, and Dice & Dice.

More items too appear later…