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Vintage Menswear

Authored by the men who run the Vintage Showroom in London, Vintage Menswear showcases the highlight pieces of their collection in three main sections: Sports & Leisure, Military, and Workwear. Items are nicely photographed with focus on details that make them unique, and the page layout is similar to the books from Rin Tanaka (who has largely defined this niche area of publishing) – however the authors here improve on the style by expanding a bit on the history of items shown, which is often the largest draw for enthusiasts.

It is also welcoming to see a collection with items sourced mostly from Europe rather than rural America (one can only look at so many pictures of old barn jackets, sweatshirts, and jeans), and it seems every few pages there is an example of a design that has been adopted by Nigel Cabourn or RRL. If you’re interested in vintage clothing and history, this is another great resource to have around. Read more

King of Vintage – Heller’s Cafe Part 2

Rin Tanaka has continued his King of Vintage series with another volume showcasing more pieces in Larry McKaughan’s collections – like the first volume, the book opens with a great section on workwear and then transitions through outdoor clothing, sportswear, and then motorcyle gear. The most interesting part however, is the last section on American military graffiti which features items that were painted, stenciled, and embroidered by servicemen.

Get it from InspirationLA.com or Self Edge.

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Vintage Motorcycle Designs

Some classics from Triumph, AJS, and Panther…

See more from LIFE.

The Stetson Slant Hat

A vintage ad from 1940. In another one, they described it as a hat with the “crown slopped rakishly”.


Tricker’s Motorcycle Boots

Clunky wingtip boots are probably the first thing to come to mind when thinking of Tricker’s, but like the other Northampton firms, they have a very wide catalog of shoes available. Motorcycle boots are among them.

It is a hard to find design and they’re reminiscent to the older equestrian boots and puttees (leg coverings) that were popular with motorcycle riders up until the 1940’s. I passed up on a pair in my size years ago and I’ve regretted it ever since, but I wonder if a custom order might be an option I should ask about.

Another source, also available in brown.

Puttees, as shown in Rin Tanaka’s Harley Davidson Book of Fashions.

More boots and puttees worn in a group photo in front of a Harley-Davidson dealer in 1925.

Distinctive Automobile Garments & Requisites

Here’s another fascinating gem found on Google Books: a 1905 catalog for clothing to be worn when riding on the new mechanical wonder known as the automobile. This period was probably a rough transition in menswear – the stylish clothing that men preferred previously were now impractical for the faster open carriage cars and there was probably quite a bit of trial and error involved in finding what worked and what didn’t.

Inside the catalog: lots of goggles, many leather jackets (including some short cropped models that I wonder might have led to the evolution of the current motorcycle jackets of today), long fur coats, and bizarre racing suits. [Google Books]

automobile_clothing_01 Read more

Vintage Luggage

While researching some obscure luggage information, I came across an online showcase for Brownrigg, an antique store in the UK which has a great collection of vintage cases and trunks. Some highlights: a shotgun ammo case, a Hermes travel case in crocodile, and a midsize Louis Vuitton hat box. The rest of their inventory is impressive as well.


Vintage Bicycle Design

From “an elementary treatise on their design and construction” written in 1896. Some are not too different from modern designs, some look dangerous, and several others look like Dr. Seuss creations. The geeks reading this will also appreciate the inclusion of sections for maths and tables. [Google Books]

vintage_bicycle_01 Read more

Old Maps of Antarctica

A selection of vintage maps of Antarctica, available on Wikipedia Commons. Included is also a 1916 newspaper printing of a map showing Shackleton’s planned route during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition “of which news is expected any moment.”


Send for Catalogue to…

“Abercrombie & Fitch, Manufacturers of High-grade Outfits, including Outing Garments. 57 Reade Street, New York USA.” Circa 1907, from when they were outfitters to adventurers. View the catalog online. [Google Books]

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