Authored by the men who run the Vintage Showroom in London, Vintage Menswear showcases the highlight pieces of their collection in three main sections: Sports & Leisure, Military, and Workwear. Items are nicely photographed with focus on details that make them unique, and the page layout is similar to the books from Rin Tanaka (who has largely defined this niche area of publishing) – however the authors here improve on the style by expanding a bit on the history of items shown, which is often the largest draw for enthusiasts.

It is also welcoming to see a collection with items sourced mostly from Europe rather than rural America (one can only look at so many pictures of old barn jackets, sweatshirts, and jeans), and it seems every few pages there is an example of a design that has been adopted by Nigel Cabourn or RRL. If you’re interested in vintage clothing and history, this is another great resource to have around.

Above, an example of a French work jacket from the 1920s.

Leather detailing on a Swedish Army “despatch rider’s jacket”, circa 1930s.

Above, a handmade game bag from France.

Below, RAF “Escape and Evasion” boots from WW2.

My copy was purchased from Amazon, which seems to have the best price at the moment.

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