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Hunting, Fishing and Camping

First published in 1942 by Leon L. Bean, Hunting, Fishing and Camping is a classic outdoors manual full of howto’s and practical advice. Topics include how to hunt for different types of wildlife, safety, fly-fishing, and cooking out in the field. While it’s fairly old and not carefully edited, most of the information is still [...]

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Fishing and Camping in Free & Easy

From the September issues of 2009 and 2010 – the more recent one is still available at Context if you’re not near a Japanese bookstore. About a quarter of the issue was dedicated to the “Rugged Country Life” with lots of pictures of outdoor clothing, log cabins, wildlife illustrations, rustic furniture, and miscellaneous gear.

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Fish Bum Volume I and II

Fish Bum I: Mongolia – a documentary about catching the Taimen, a giant trout. And for the Steelheaders, Fish Bum II: Metalhead (you would need to have fished for Steelhead to understand this one). I would have never guessed, but apparently the fly fishing film niche is big enough for an ongoing film tour.

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Send for Catalogue to…

“Abercrombie & Fitch, Manufacturers of High-grade Outfits, including Outing Garments. 57 Reade Street, New York USA.” Circa 1907, from when they were outfitters to adventurers. View the catalog online. [Google Books] Also previously covered on Archival Clothing.

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Tie Your Own Flies

Published in 1966, this book was sold to my father at Patrick’s Fly Shop in Seattle for $3.95. He learned all he needed to know about fly tying from it, and 30 years later I picked it up and did the same exact thing. Hopefully in 30 years the book will still be in usable [...]

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Scientific Fisherman

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