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Tag: Tweed

Lock & Co’s Tweed Caps

I was glad to see that Mr. Porter is now carrying a small selection of wool caps from Lock & Co. Hatters, including several made with Harris Tweed. Compared to caps that I have from Wigens, Christys’, and Borsalino, those from Lock & Co. feel much more substantial and look better finished (I can appreciate that the company’s cap maker takes care in matching up the fabric patterns on some of the main seams). For this season, I picked out the greyish-brown version made in a rough donegal-like tweed which features small bits of color strewn about the wool.

I hope Mr. Porter expands its selection over the next few seasons – ordering hats online is not quite ideal, but at least the company makes the return process easy if there are fit issues.

Extra reading material: Lock & Co. has a care guide [pdf] for its tweed hats. It’s interesting to note that they recommend a strong spirit such as lighter fluid to help clean stained spots.

Tweed in the Countryside

From the Free & Easy December 2010 issue.

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A Brooks Brothers Herringbone Sportcoat

Brooks Brothers has been selling more and more jackets in their popular Fitzgerald cut and this season included one in a tweedy herringbone wool. Unlike the newer unstructured jackets, these have some very light shoulder padding – probably needed for the weight of wool, lest you end up with some very odd looking shoulders. Fully lined and slim fitting, these are are a considerable step up from J.Crew’s sportcoats.

Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Tweed Sport Coat
Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Tweed Sport Coat

Tweed Run

Images from the most recent big tweed run in London back in April. I like the store display that Huntsman put together.

Images from bicycleimages’ photostream.

Tweeds To Look Forward To

Earlier this year, Christian over on Ivy Style showed previews of what to expect from Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers for this fall and I’ve had some of those tweed jackets on my mind ever since. The natural shoulders on a few of them is what appeals to me the most I think – never minding the technical merits of shoulder construction, jackets without heavy padding are more comfortable to me and only because they don’t feel like I’m actually wearing something formal that needs to be fussed over.

Ideally I think I only need two types for now: one in a grey herringbone tweed and another in navy (perhaps that J.Crew jacket being sold later this year will do alright). When I’m older, I can then look for something in brown and another in green. Seeing how long these sorts of jackets last, I could probably do pretty well with just a few.

On a side note, I do worry about how difficult it will be to purchase some of this. Often it seems the more interesting items like these never make it into the normal retail distribution chains, save for a few flagship stores (and hardly ever available online). Here’s to hoping that they don’t mess it up.

Free & Easy, The Garment Tweed

The January 2010 edition of Free & Easy is out in stores now and they’ve started the year off with an issue devoted to all things tweed, even going as far as to cover different breeds of sheep and regions where wools originate from. Great stuff if you’re a fabric nerd. Also be sure to check out the extra section called Merry Xmas, Mr. Leather.

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