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Men’s File Issue 8 + The Transportation Archive

I’ve been wishing for a book version of the photography featured in Men’s File ever since I first read through Issue 1 several years back – the Transportation Archive is the answer to that, and hopefully it will be part of a larger series down the road. Previously it was a bit difficult to source outside of Europe, but it’s now being carried at Self Edge, along with the latest issue which focuses on denim and workwear.

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Men’s File Issue 7

The latest issue of Men’s File is now available. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a few months now after finding out about the photo shoot for Nigel Cabourn’s new Antarctic Expedition collection (scans on the Cabourn team’s blog).

As usual, Self Edge is a great resource to purchase a copy from if you’re in the U.S. Otherwise, check to see if you might have a local retailer who’s carrying it.

Men's File Issue 7

Men’s File – Issue 6

The sixth issue of Men’s File is now available, and you can also preview the entire magazine on their website. This one is full of motorcycle related content, but you’ll also find pieces on Hitoshi Tsujimoto of The Real McCoy’s, jewelry by Larry Smith, Watanabe bicycle bags, and Goodwood Revival portraits. Also revealed – they will be publishing a book showcasing the photography from previous issues.


Men’s File – Issue 5

The latest issue of Men’s File is now available. Along with the usual pictures of clothing, cars, motorcycles, and women, this issue has a great photo spread done on the Double RL ranch and a short piece on the Parisian Apaches.

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Men’s File – Issue 4

The latest issue is now available. Along with the great motorcycle and car photo spreads, spotlights in this one include features on Mr. Freedom, Saint James knitwear, and Chapman bags.


Men’s File – Issue 3

Men’s File issue 4 is just now getting sent out to stores, but it wasn’t until recently that I was able to get a copy of issue 3 from a restock at Self Edge (order one now while you still can). Along with the regular doses of cars, motorcycles, and women, this issue has some wonderfully shot picture spreads under themes of vintage mountaineering, tweed runs, and bicycling.

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Spectator Penny Loafers

I didn’t think much of these until I spotted a worn in pair shown in Men’s File. It seems everyone was selling some variation of them up until recently, but of course now that I’m interested in a pair none can be found.

This pair from Brooks Brothers is close, but they only come in a black/white colorway. Ben Silver has a pair of spectator loafers from Alden as well, but only with tassels. Hopefully more will show up again for Spring/Summer 2011.


Cricket Style

From Men’s File, issue 2. Check out the vintage boots.


Spring Inspirations – Motorcycles Et Cetera

Above: Images from Harley-Davidson, Books of Fashions 1910s-1950s by Rin Tanaka.

Above: Images from Men’s File, Issue 2.

Men’s File

This is the magazine that you’ve always wanted. Read more about it on mensfile.com.

Available at Self Edge (where my copies were purchased) and Oi Polloi.

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