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A Free & Easy Beach Vacation

Flipping back through the Perfect Summer Book again (see part 1 posted back in 2011).

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The Winter Tough-Guy Book

A few scans from last month’s issue of Free & Easy, which focused on tweed and leather jackets. Unionmade has some copies left if you don’t have a Kinokuniya book store nearby.

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The Perfect Summer Book

Getting into the spirit of summer with one my favorite issues of Free & Easy published back in 2009.

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Indigo in Free & Easy

From the April 2011 indigo issue, which also has great profiles on many artisans who specialize in making handmade goods.

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Julian Boots in Free & Easy

There is a great feature on Julian Imario of Julian Boots in both the current issue of Free & Easy and the companion Bootsman Bible. The more I see of these the more I want a pair.

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Heavy Duty Ivy

In the current February issue of Free & Easy, the editors examined the various impacts of Ivy/college style on the Japanese markets from over the years and included a section on “Heavy Duty Ivy”, an import from campuses during the 70’s (which was also well documented by the magazine Men’s Club).

This was not the Take Ivy sort of style with tweed jackets, navy blazers, ties, and loafers – this was all about parkas, down vests, rugged sweaters, and Bean boots. You never see it directly referred to, but it certainly has had a large influence on many Japanese designers who routinely integrate these elements into their collections.

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Tweed in the Countryside

From the Free & Easy December 2010 issue.

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Illustrations from Free & Easy

Scans of drawings that you’ll occasionally find in issues of Free & Easy. Some of the styling is quite odd out of context.

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The V

In the November issue of Free & Easy, there is a nice guide on how to make the most out of the V shaped area around the tie and jacket lapels with more casual pieces. Here are a few scans:

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Trad in Free & Easy

These deserve to be posted twice. From Free & Easy September 2009.


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