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Maintenance and Repairs

The lull in between seasons is a good time to inspect your clothing and accessories for things that can be repaired – when caught early, small holes, tears, and loose stitching can be easily fixed and extend the life of your items. In many cases, a needle and thread can get you pretty far, and even an inexpensive sewing machine can be handy for the more difficult tasks.

One such item of mine that I found in need of a fix was my Superior Labor Engineer bag. Despite lots of wear and tear over the past three years that I’ve had it, it’s still in remarkable shape. The problem I found though, were small tears caused by abrasion in two spots near where the leather strap attaches to the brass o-rings. To fix this, I just simply sewed on small patches of denim.

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J. Gilbert’s New Men’s Shop

Over the past several years J. Gilbert Footwear in Seattle has become a great resource for shoes and this last week marks the opening of the new men’s shop, which opened up next door to the original location on 1st Avenue – beforehand, the men’s shoes were relegated to a dark corner, but instead are now featured in a comfortably open and naturally lit space. The best part of course, is that there is now room for more awesome models from Alden, Rider Boot, and Lucchese.

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Boots, Wear Tear Shine

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A Shoe Collection

I just stumbled across this interesting collection of shoes on flickr – not all of the 200 pairs are my style, but there is a good variety of just about everything that is fun to look through. The owner of the collection also seems to have a blog as well.


Navy Suede Shoes

Navy suede has become a niche leather for summer shoes over the past few years and more stores are taking notice. While not always colorfast (warning), they’re great for pairing up with lighter trousers and sometimes faded denim.

Where to find:
Alden unlined bluchers at Leather Soul
Alden bluchers at Frans Boone, along with longwings and Tricker’s on a red brick sole
– Paul Stuart crepe sole chukka boots
Mark McNairy chukka boots from Bonobos
Mark McNairy saddle shoes with white soles at Bows+Arrows
Walk-Over and Sanders

In limited Sizes:
Tricker’s chukka boots and bluchers at the Bureau
Tricker’s wingtips at Present
Alden unlined bluchers from Tres Bien

Alden bluchers on the Plaza last, flex welt, metal eyelets.


Mark McNairy saddle shoes with red brick soles.


Church’s and Alden for Spring

New models in at Frans Boone.


Alden Roughout Suede Chukka Boots

After finally trying and passing on the unlined Leydon last chukkas from Alden, I decided to give the new chukkas sold by J.Crew a shot. These will be ideal for casual attire, and are intended to replace the J.Crew desert boots that I just recently threw away (to their credit, the MacAlister boots had no quality issues even after lots of wear, they were just flat out uncomfortable).

The leather is not actually suede in the traditional shoe sense, but is instead the special reverse chamois that has been showing up lately on several different Alden makeups for stores. It has a very matted and oily texture, and is very easy to care for.


J.Crew Spring Rollout has Begun

J.Crew has updated its site with new arrivals for spring (some of which is already in stores). The better items include an affordable parka, a multitude of warm weather shirts, more New Balance sneakers, and an updated selection of Corgi socks.

The highlight for me are these roughout suede chukkas and I’m torn between getting a pair of these and the unlined chukka boots on the Leydon last.


Sunday at the Field House

From today’s morning trip to Ballard. Woolrich Woolen Mills, LVC, RRL for fall…

Nigel Cabourn FW10. I went for the blue plaid naval shirt – and it’s already sold out in my size! wtf.



J.Crew’s New Arrivals for Fall

J.Crew’s fall rollout has begun and they updated their website last night with new arrivals. Most of it is expected basics, but there are a few interesting gems: a denim western shirt, copies of Take Ivy, printed Hill-Side pocket squares, and socks from Saint James. The footwear lineup is also becoming more impressive, with new models from Alden and Russell Moccasins.

Except for the crepe soles, these remind me a bit of the roughout boots worn by some servicemen during WW2.

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