J.Crew MacAlister Boots

A short review – they’re average.

A slightly longer review – The J.Crew MacAlister boots fit and look great.  The crepe soles have so far been holding up well after lots of wear, and I haven’t had any production issues that I’ve heard about from others (yet).  My only problem with these is that they’re not comfortable to walk in if you have to go further than a city block.  If I had to choose again, I’d just stick with Clark’s desert boots or instead go with a more expensive pair from Grenson or Alfred Sargent.

Fun related fact (or myth) – Soldiers returning from North Africa in WW2 that frequented the shadier parts of town were referred to as “brothel creepers” because of the desert boots they were still wearing.  Teddy Boy and Rockabilly kids would later take these and make them parts of their regular uniforms.

J.Crew McAllister Boots

J.Crew McAllister Boots

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