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Vintage Royal Weddings

From LIFE.

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Vintage Motorcycle Designs

Some classics from Triumph, AJS, and Panther… See more from LIFE.

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The Seattle Symphony, 1957

The Seattle Symphony performing with the Budapest String Quartet in 1957. View more in the LIFE photo archives.

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Black Tie, General MacArthur

From LIFE, taken on the evening of his 76th birthday at the Waldorf-Astoria. He had kept a suite there during the 50′s and 60′s.

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IBM and the Hundred Percent Club

From LIFE, circa 1947. IBM launched the Hundred Percent Club during the 1920′s as a way to reward its top salesmen and the program is still in place today (though I can say that the salesmen today no longer dress as nicely). Continue reading more. Related post: IBM in 1962

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Bermuda Shorts

Reading a recent post on shorts over on HTJ, I was reminded of the similar photos from LIFE. The pictures only tell half of the story though, so I went digging for the actual issue that reported on the trend. “Thirsty cluster of patrons in P.J. Clarke’s saloon on Manhattan’s Third Avenue often includes male [...]

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On Curling

I recently had the opportunity to try out curling for the first time, the sport where teams of players attempt to slide and position 42 pound granite stones in a certain way over ice. Going into it I had some misgivings, but it ended up being a lot of fun and there is quite a [...]

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Steve McQueen Unpublished Photos from LIFE

Via Sartorially Inclined. See more on life.com. For context, you should also read the original article that the pictures were shot for: LIFE Issue Jul 12, 1963 In the following issue that was published that year, there were some humorous letters to the editor in regards to the article.

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Riding the Crest of Surfing’s Wave

John Severson, founder of Surfer magazine, shares with LIFE magazine his views on work, success, and family in 1966. “Each year when you go back to the surf, there is a certain amount of fear of the waves to conquer. Anyone who hasn’t been on the waves in quite a while and says he’s not [...]

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Merchant Marines, 1947

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