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Maintenance and Repairs

The lull in between seasons is a good time to inspect your clothing and accessories for things that can be repaired – when caught early, small holes, tears, and loose stitching can be easily fixed and extend the life of your items. In many cases, a needle and thread can get you pretty far, and even an inexpensive sewing machine can be handy for the more difficult tasks.

One such item of mine that I found in need of a fix was my Superior Labor Engineer bag. Despite lots of wear and tear over the past three years that I’ve had it, it’s still in remarkable shape. The problem I found though, were small tears caused by abrasion in two spots near where the leather strap attaches to the brass o-rings. To fix this, I just simply sewed on small patches of denim.

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Superior Labor Engineer Bag at 2 Years

My Superior Labor engineer bag is just shy of two years of age now – it’s still going strong with regular use and the leather has continued to develop a great patina (compare to how it started out).

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Superior Labor and Kelty Packs for Waste(twice)

The FW10 collection from Waste(twice) is now getting to Japanese stores and among the standouts are the new packs.

On the left: the mountain sack, a new design produced by Superior Labor. Like the rest of their bags, they’re made from a strong Japanese made canvas.

On the right: a modified version of the new Kelty Mockingbird pack with natural colored leather straps and accents. The regular version of the Mockingbird will be available stateside starting next year.

Superior Labor 2way Engineer Tote at 1 Year

My 2way Engineer tote from Superior Labor is a bit over one year old this month and it’s continued to hold up great despite getting constant use. The leather has continued to darken since the 6 month mark, and the canvas has since picked up even more indigo from brushing against my jeans (I’ll get around to washing it someday).

Super Labor 2way Engineer Tote - Front
Superior Labor 2way Engineer Tote - Back
Superior Labor Indigo Stain
Superior Labor Leather Patch
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Never Skimp on Time and Effort

Locals Only currently has a special edition of Superior Labor’s market bag model showing that stenciling patterns or text onto a simple tote can be a great way to make it more interesting.

More pictures on Aeropostale.

Shopping for Totes

On Rakuten. First up, bags from Haversack.

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Superior Labor 2way Engineer Tote at 6 Months

It’s now been a little over six months since I’ve had the 2way Engineer Tote and I took a few pictures to show how the bag has held up. For reference, here are pictures of how it looked when it started out: Superior Labor Engineer Tote Review

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Review of the Superior Labor Canvas Tote

This last week I received the new canvas tote that J.Crew is selling from Superior Labor and I was able to take a few shots of it this morning after my errands at the Pike Place Market. The heavy duty canvas it’s made from is the same type used for 2way Engineer Tote, and on this they’ve also added an extra layer of it on the bottom of the bag. The cotton webbing handles are very sturdy, and are reinforced with extra stitching and rivets (which are also used to reinforce the seams along the sides). So far I’m very impressed with it, and feel that it’s a much better bag than the special Mister Freedom tote that J.Crew had previously.

Read more about it on jcrew.com.

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J.Crew Spring 2010 is here!

J.Crew has just updated its website with new items for spring, and I’m sure more will be showing up soon. Along with some of the great looking shirts and pants, there are also new Quoddy ring boots, a distressed Mister Freedom military webbing belt, and another Superior Labor tote.

Superior Labor Tote - J.Crew
The tote, which I just ordered, was something that I had been waiting on after seeing it on Secret Forts months ago – the original model name on the Japanese sites is called “Tote Bag of the Man” and you can see more of it on Utility CoOp. I’ve been very happy with my 2way Engineer Bag, so I have high hopes for this one as well.

Superior Labor Tote Bag of the Man J.Crew
Expect more pictures and a review once it arrives!

Superior Labor FW2009 – Part 2

Superior Labor has updated their website with items in their FW2009 collection.  See the previous post with more images/views.

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