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Superior Labor FW2009

Superior Labor’s FW2009 stuff is now getting to some Japanese retailers, and it looks like they’re adding much more work and outdoor focused clothing to go with their usual set of bags. Pictures from Yield, Garden, Lock Stock, Casanova, and Pas De Chat.

First up – new boots!

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Review of the Superior Labor Engineer Tote for J.Crew

I just received the Superior Labor engineer tote that I ordered from J.Crew last week.  It’s fairly large, and the materials and construction seem solid.  The brass hardware and Waldes zipper are also nice touches that you can’t really find on most other bags.

Is it worth $350?  I’m pretty happy with it, and it does fill a particularly small niche of the market for the people that like this sort of thing, but I probably would not have ordered it had it not been for the temporary lowered price over the 4th of July weekend.  However, I think if I had known more about the bag up front and what to expect, the full price tag wouldn’t have seemed so bad.

Read on if you want to see more pictures.

Superior Labor engineer 2way canvas tote - 1
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More Superior Labor Bags

More images of some newer Superior Labor bags from Utility COOP.  I’m going to have to keep an eye out for the fisherman bag and tote.

Btw, I noticed that J.Crew has dropped the price on the Superior Labor tote they’re selling by $125 today which makes it cheaper than what they’re now going for in Japan.  No idea on the reason for the price drop, but I ordered one anyways.  (Use the code JULY4 to get free shipping)
Update: Disregard the price drop part – J.Crew increased the price on their 2way Engineer Tote to $350 again.

Superior Labor Fisherman Bag

Superior Labor Fisherman Bag

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