Navy Suede Shoes

Navy suede has become a niche leather for summer shoes over the past few years and more stores are taking notice. While not always colorfast (warning), they’re great for pairing up with lighter trousers and sometimes faded denim.

Where to find:
- Alden unlined bluchers at Leather Soul
- Alden bluchers at Frans Boone, along with longwings and Tricker’s on a red brick sole
- Paul Stuart crepe sole chukka boots
- Mark McNairy chukka boots from Bonobos
- Mark McNairy saddle shoes with white soles at Bows+Arrows
- Walk-Over and Sanders

In limited Sizes:
- Tricker’s chukka boots and bluchers at the Bureau
- Tricker’s wingtips at Present
- Alden unlined bluchers from Tres Bien

Alden bluchers on the Plaza last, flex welt, metal eyelets.


Mark McNairy saddle shoes with red brick soles.


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