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Upcoming Viberg Boots

Barley Harvest Season scored a preview of their selection of Viberg boots coming in for 2011 in the Free & Easy October issue (with Steve McQueen on the cover). The ‘exhibition‘ was hosted in a fairly cool looking furniture and design store.

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Fishing and Camping in Free & Easy

From the September issues of 2009 and 2010 – the more recent one is still available at Context if you’re not near a Japanese bookstore. About a quarter of the issue was dedicated to the “Rugged Country Life” with lots of pictures of outdoor clothing, log cabins, wildlife illustrations, rustic furniture, and miscellaneous gear.

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My Rugged 211

My Rugged 211 is a new book out in Japan by Minoru Onozato, the chief editor of Free & Easy, and it is essentially a visual reference guide to about 200 pieces of “rugged” clothing and gear from his own collection. Examples include well worn boots, some obscure military jackets, and a selection of surprising [...]

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Peacoats and Melton Wool in Free & Easy

From issues Vol. 12, No. 133 and 134.

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Ideas for my next place, from the Free & Easy July 10 issue… If you’ve ever shopped around for bookshelves and have very particular tastes, you’ve probably also found it difficult to find ones that you like. I think in my case I will need to scour for vintage antiques or go custom.

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Frank’s Bags

Frank Muytjens has been making frequent appearances in Free & Easy over this past year and the current issue for September has him showing off some his bags. I’m surprised that he carries so many different communication devices, though I’m not surprised that he’s a Leica man. Related post: Frank Muytjens in Free & Easy

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Indigo Dyeing in Free & Easy

In the August issue of Free & Easy there is a great section on indigo goods and after-market dyeing customizations. When are the American and European designers going to pick up on this? I want to see some more interesting blues out there.

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Red Wing in Last, Free & Easy

Scans from factory visits in Last (Volume 12) and Free & Easy (July 2010). The Free & Easy piece focused on the new postman inspired shoes, and for now in Japan will be exclusive to the Rugged Museum.

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Free & Easy’s Jacket Run

Taking inspiration from the latest tweed runs, Free & Easy came up with a “Jacket Run” version for summer in their July issue where they focus on using lighter fabrics. Lots of great classic bikes and accessories are included.

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Shopping for Summer Hats – Part 1

Some inspiration from Free & Easy to get things started.

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