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Archive and Style

For the vintage fans (especially for those who have an interest in goods from the the 50’s and 60’s) – Tokyo based Archive and Style is another great visual resource to bookmark.

I would not be surprised if they sold the L.L. Bean duffel above at their asking price (36,750 YEN).

Fall Inspirations – Old School Rugby

Some vintage rugby finds from over a century ago (from Rugby Union Football and Football: The Rugby Union Game). Interestingly, many clubs back then had large emblems on their shirts covering the heart – from a historical perspective, it makes those Ralph Lauren shirts with the large pony logos somewhat less garish.

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Sun Trap Vintage Store

Sun Trap, one of the many cool vintage shops that dot Tokyo – their website archive is a great visual resource.

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More Vintage Watches

I don’t know where he sources them from, but this seller on ebay always has the most interesting selection of late 19th to early 20th century watches. What kind of men owned these? I could picture the Longines with the elaborate casing being worn by a respectable gentleman, and maybe the Rolex being used by a young adventure seeking racer in the Grand Prix.

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Polo in the early 20th Century

Vintage polo style from between 1910-1930, long before Ralph Lauren came along.

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Sanforized Trademark Ads

Up until 1930, fabric shrinking was a real problem for any clothing you bought. Then sanforization came along, which is a patented process for shrinking the fabric yarns back down to their original size after they’re woven. Developed by Sanford L. Cluett, it became one of the most important innovations in textile technology of the 20th century.

After its creation, the term “sanforized” was trademarked and heavily advertised for several decades – like most companies, they went through different phases of ads and during the 50’s they used comics.

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Old Tool Catalogs

For some light Sunday reading, publisher Toolemera Press has a nice selection of vintage tool catalogs going back to the 1800’s for free viewing on their website, along with some interesting photo galleries. Via Best Made Company.

A catalog from Mack & Co., circa 1909. Many tool illustrations.

A printing plate of an axe head from the Underhill Edge Tool Company, circa 1860.


Baseball in the early 20th Century

A selection of random baseball pictures from between 1900-1930. Some of the portraits are very powerful.

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Vintage Fountain Pens

While they’re now a niche luxury product like high end watches (just more affordable), fountain pens are about as rudimentary today as they were 100 years ago.

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eBay Find: 1913 Indian Motorcycle

Here’s a piece of motorcycle history up for auction on eBay. The headlight runs on gas.

For more reading on the background of Indian motorcycles, the Selvedge Yard has a great series of posts that you should check out:
* America’s First Motorcycle – The Early Years of Cool Innovation
* America’s First Motorcycle – The Golden Powerplus Era
* The Golden Age of Icons – The Scout, Chief, and the Big Chief

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