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Ivy and Go-To-Hell Looks

New up on ralphlauren.com. The second outfit is the same one shown in Christian Chensvold’s recent article for Rake.

This chambray sport coat and pink gingham shirt combo is also noteworthy.


Ralph Lauren Interview, from 1985

Found in an old issue of New York Magazine. Ralph Lauren reminisces about his upbringing, getting his start in fashion, and Brooks Brothers.

Some quotes:

Q: And where did you get the notion of Polo as an appropriate name?
A: I’ve always liked sports and athletics, and name were not important to me. I was not a guy that would wear a designer name. I wouldn’t wear Christian Dior, Bronzini, or any names of the names of that period. So I came up with my own style, which was a sport that had an aristocratic image, and that was Polo.

Q: What about the Japanese influence on fashion? Do you think that’s real, or media hype?
A: I think it’s real. You know, fashion is – that’s why I don’t like fashion – always looking for something new, something new to sell, something new to promote. I’m for anything that’s exciting, that’s interesting, that has individuality.

Q: What do you see in the future of evolution of fashion design, the nineties, the year 2000?
A: There are new technologies every day. As the new technology evolves, the clothes change, but people are still wearing warm tweeds, they wear cashmeres, they wear flannels, they wear scarves around the neck, they wear Chanel kind of shoes… People still need comfort, they need warmth, coziness, a sense of realness.

rl_qa_1985_01 Read more

Ralph Lauren Canoe Mocs

New made in Maine moccasins from Ralph Lauren. The leather is a bit oily and they’re a more snug across the top vamp compared to the Quoddy made versions, but are otherwise the same.

Ralph Lauren Canoe Moccasins Side View
Ralph Lauren Canoe Moccasins Top View

Ralph Lauren – Neutral Territory

New in for spring at RalphLauren.com. I don’t care for most of it, but the outerwear looks good.

Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2010

The Regimental Tie

My first real tie was a vintage Paul Stuart regimental in the classic red and navy stripe pattern, which I happened to come across again this last weekend when organizing a few old boxes. Pictured below on the left, I remember wearing this thing almost daily and it went through a lot with me as if it were a close friend. The edges and tip are now frayed, and dyes from the silk will rub off into your hands and shirt if handled too much. Long since retired, it was somehow spared the fate of a trash can which is really where it belongs.

The tie’s particular pattern left a lasting impression on me though, and to this day it’s still my favorite.

Regimental Stripe Tie - Paul Stuart and Polo Ralph Lauren
Regimental Stripe Tie - Paul Stuart and Polo Ralph Lauren
Regimental Stripe Tie - Paul Stuart and Polo Ralph Lauren

Rugby’s Scout Deck Jacket

Rugby has a great looking yellow parka up for spring called the scout deck jacket. It’s very similar in design to Barbour’s Kagoule jacket, but at half the price.

Ralph Lauren Rugby Yellow Parka

The Original Ralph Lauren Gang

Before there were Bloods and Crips, there were the Lo-Lifes. They worshiped Ralph Lauren, and shoplifted as much Polo gear as they could. Their distinctive looks would later influence and define urban street fashion throughout the 90’s.

From vintagegearaddicts.com.

When we traveled, we would roll at least 50 or 60 deep and could be recognized by the rainbow of Ralph Lauren labels. By 1989, we grew and had members in the “90’z” (East Flatbush) and East New york. We would get all dressed up just to go out and commit crimes. Sometimes we would go to clubs wearing like 5 different polo shirts each. We would wear one on top of another and switch shirts. All night while walking around the nightclub, your prop status was rated on how much “Lo” you had and how big your heart was.

And from an article in Vibe, March 2005:

Many of these guys are now collectors, and if you ever see odd vintage Ralph Lauren items on ebay getting ridiculously high bids, it’s probably one of them.

Further Reading:
A History of the Lo-Lifes
Lo-Lifes Documentary Trailer

Formalwear for the Holidays

New on RalphLauren.com. Take your pick: white silk, black velvet, and black watch tartan.

Ralph Lauren Formalwear

Ralph Lauren Suede Penny Loafers

These are perfect for this time of the year. A penny loafer and heavy lug sole should never go together, but these somehow work.

Ralph Lauren suede penny loafers
Pair them up with slim jeans and a crewneck sweater on top of a button down shirt. Preferably on a day off.

Holiday Knitwear

Intarsia sweater overload on RalphLauren.com this year.

It’s okay to have one or two of these types of sweaters in your wardrobe for wearing during the holiday season (they’re just as odd as madras jackets, white bucks, and critter chinos). I have this shawl collar cardigan from J.Crew that I had purchased on a bet, and it gets worn only a couple of times a year.


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