Barbour’s New Jackets for Fall

In addition to the To Ki To stuff, Barbour has updated its website with items in their Fall/Winter selection and there lots of great jackets to choose from this year. One absence though is the tailored waistcoat (or at least I can’t find it), hopefully they have not dropped it just yet as I need to buy another one.

Sidenote: the only thing I dislike about their recent direction is all of the various “collections”. What is the difference between the sporting collection, the classic collection, or the heritage collection? There is no distinction between any of them and the branding is confusing – they should just drop the titles and just focus on “Barbour”.

New quilted jackets. They’re making many of these slimmer nowadays, and it’s no longer necessary to get them tailored for a better fit.

Some wool coats. The second would be a good alternative to Nigel Cabourn’s Tenzing jacket (and cheaper too).


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