A look at the New Levi’s x Filson Collection

Not too long ago, Filson went on the record to say they weren’t going to do any sort of fashion line like Woolrich Woolen Mills, but instead would be looking at adapting some of their existing pieces to the younger crowds for this fall – if the new workwear line for Levi’s is what the CEO was referring to then it’s a great start.

I was able to check it out in person today at the flagship store in Seattle and every piece is impressive and comes with the Filson guarantee. Even better, they’re not being shy on the ‘Made in the USA’ marketing.

From the small graph paper notebook included with your purchase: ‘Both Levi’s and Filson’s brands build the highest quality products for the pioneers of today. Go forth.’

As for the pieces: the all denim cruiser jacket and upland shirt are less imposing in person and fit true to size (though still roomy), the hunting cap has a quilted interior with wool ear flaps to fold down for extra warmth, and I probably would have bought the twill/denim tote if I didn’t have too many bags already. Everything is available for purchase at the Filson Seattle store and at various Levi’s locations around the U.S. – Update: It’s now up at filson.com and levi.com as well.

The hit of the collection is the trucker jacket; made with Filson’s tin cloth it is probably the best design to come out of Levi’s since the creation of the 501. It fits slim, and you will probably want to go up a size.

Some interior shots of the Filson flagship store.

Archival pieces on display.

Since 1897.


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