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The Canal House Cookbooks

Among my favorite resources for dish ideas are a series of small cookbooks published under the name of Canal House Cooking. They are released seasonally when you can easily find ingredients for the recipes (the latest one has the blue cover) and just about all of them are easy to prepare if the right tools [...]

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Holland & Holland Gun Engravings

From its new stock collection. There is also a section explaining some parts of the process in the factory tour area.

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Vintage Luggage

While researching some obscure luggage information, I came across an online showcase for Brownrigg, an antique store in the UK which has a great collection of vintage cases and trunks. Some highlights: a shotgun ammo case, a Hermes travel case in crocodile, and a midsize Louis Vuitton hat box. The rest of their inventory is [...]

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Ideas for my next place, from the Free & Easy July 10 issue… If you’ve ever shopped around for bookshelves and have very particular tastes, you’ve probably also found it difficult to find ones that you like. I think in my case I will need to scour for vintage antiques or go custom.

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The American Look, 1958

An old video on midcentury design in America – many icons from Eames, Saarinen, and Mies van der Rohe have cameos (among others). Via BoingBoing. Part 2, Part 3

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Gränsfors Axes

Watch how they’re made in the factory in Sweden. Thanks to Susan Perdok for uploading these. And a clip of their museum:

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The Abandoned Palace On Beekman Street

Nick Carr of Scouting New York has some amazing pictures up of a building on 5 Beekman Street in NYC that has been boarded up for decades. The current owners hope to convert it into a hotel. Here is the original NYTimes article from 1988 that he makes a reference too: LIKE many New Yorkers, [...]

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Hickory, Steel, & Sex Appeal (Axes)

Best Made Company just put up their new line of hatchets for sale (and here I was just recently thinking of how nice it would be if they made some). I’ve ordered one and will post my thoughts on it after I give it some use. I also just skimmed through their owner’s manual [pdf], [...]

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111 Navy Chair

Design Within Reach is now selling the new 111 Navy Chair model from Emeco, which are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and are a more affordable version of their classic aluminum chairs. Fun idea, but I’m curious about how much they weigh – do they feel like cheap plastic lawn chairs or sturdy pieces [...]

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Margaret Howell’s Suffolk Home

This article from the Independent is a few years old but I still like to open it up on occasion for inspiration. The interior of the home matches well with her clothing lines, along with the furniture that she sells in her own stores. Continue reading more.

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