According to this piece in the NYT today, Alex Carleton of Rogues Gallery will be helping L.L. Bean out with a new low cost line with better silhouettes.  The first pieces will be available in Spring 2010. I’m looking forward to how this will turn out, and I really like that they’re not trying to do another Woolrich Woolen Mills:

Chris Vickers, a vice president in charge of L. L. Bean Signature, said the prices have not been determined but that you can expect a woven shirt to cost $50 to $70 and a sport jacket about $200. The biggest difference from the classic sportswear will be a fit that is closer to the body.

“We’re not looking to be sold at Colette,” Mr. Carleton said, referring to the avant-garde fashion emporium in Paris. “This is for modern, everyday dressing. My goal is not to challenge you. My goal is to make your life better.”

LL Bean Signature