More great looking items for fall are up on J.Crew’s site today, along with the addition of the September catalog.  The plaid and tartan flannel shirts are interesting, and many of the sweaters from last year are back just in case you didn’t pick any up then.  Some of the other new items include Stan Smiths, a Rogues Gallery tote, and Red Wing work boots.

J.Crew Men's Catalog Cover September 2009
I really like the patterns on both of these shirts. The flannel reminds me of a similar shirt that Engineered Garments offered a couple of years ago.

J.Crew vineyard plaid shirt

J.Crew Youngstown flannel shirt

Another fair isle vest – I think there’s a place for at least one in every wardrobe and they look best under sportcoats.

J.Crew Lambswool Fair Isle vest

You don’t really see much of these nowadays, anywhere. I’d probably choose a camel hair double breasted overcoat over this though.

J.Crew Camelhair Sportcoat

A Rogues Gallery tote, made in Maine. They’re pretty well made, but I’ve never been a big fan of them style wise.

J.Crew Rogues Gallery Tote

New work boots from Red Wing. I think the special 899 models they were selling last year were better…

J.Crew Redwing Work Boots

It might seem odd that I point these out, but the camp socks are f’ing great for wearing with boots. I have about six or so pairs from last year – they hold up well, are very thick, and made in the U.S. (from somewhere in New England or the midwest I think, I can’t remember the company name at the moment). Between these and wool socks from Filson, you can’t go wrong.

J.Crew Camp Socks

Update: I just noticed this ridiculous denim wash. J.Crew, your denim is not good enough to need something like this. You’re better off just recommending that customers use a light detergent and to stay away from the strong stuff they sell in supermarkets like Tide or Cheer (which are pretty hard on clothing fibers).

J.Crew Denim Detergent