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Raw Silk Ties and Light Scarves for Spring

Drake’s of London now has some new ties for spring on their site in the raw silk variety, which can be great for adding an interesting texture to your outfit.

The Colonial Collection: Perfect with pristine white, chambray, or pink shirting. The raw silk ties with their distinctive texture of natural slubs, the khaki backgrounds set off by striking lines of bleached colour, the soft tones Ties being cut by handof high summer.”

The new lightweight cashmere and linen scarves look perfect too.

Our groups of summer scarves in the finest of lightweight blends reflects the sun softened hues of the Indus Valley and the Punjab. The subtle motifs and the combination of bleached and muted shades with vibrant natural colours speak with a surprisingly modern voice in an ancient tongue. The chicest way to wear these scarves is wound twice around the neck and tied in front, to give the effect of the traditional hunting stock. Worn with or without solar topi.


Drake’s Ten Golden Rules for Ties

From drakes-london.com:

1. There are really only two knots worth considering: the four-in-hand and half-Windsor; and only the four-in-hand for knit ties. Other knots are novelties.

2. The self-loop at the back of the large blade, sometimes called a “keeper” but often merely the makers label, needn’t actually be used in fact to hold the smaller blade, better not to, for a freer, more stylish note.

3. The blade ends should ideally reach the top of the trouser waistband and should match up in length. Not as easy as it looks to the uninitiated.

4. A small dimple at the base of the knot shows a certain je ne sais quoi of finesse.

5. With tie bars, as with mens’ jewellery generally, anything other than tasteful discretion can be hazardous, and probably should be avoided.

6. A tie should always be untied carefully after wearing. As Miss Adelaide says in Guys and Dolls, “We are civilized people. We do not have to conduct ourselves like a slob.”

7. Fabric ties (silk, wool, cashmere, cotton) should be rolled after wearing and then hung; knit ties should be rolled and never hung.

8. A four-in-hand or half-Windsor knot should just fill the tie space at the collar button and be taut enough to arch out from the collar a bit; the mid-section of the tie should be completely hidden under the collar at the back.

9. Bow ties should never look perfectly tied. Ceaseless practice usually suffices to produce the precise look of subtle imperfection.

10. The proper length for a bow tie is achieved when the ends sit within the edges of the collar. This necessitates buying bow ties with sized graduated bands or with an adjustable slider.

Throws for the Home

Paul Smith Blankets
Blankets from Paul Smith.

Drake's of London Throws
Throws from Drake’s of London.

Wings + Horns Tiger Fleece Blankets
Tiger fleece blankets from Wings + Horns. When is CYC going to get into doing bedding? I’d do my entire place in their fabrics if I could.

Filson and Pendleton also make great blankets, but they’re more heavy duty than they are soft.

Drake’s Cardigans, Inspired by Steve McQueen

I was looking around for alternatives to J.Crew’s cashmere shawl collar cardigan this morning when I came across these from Drake’s of London.

Steve McQeen Inspired Cardigans from Drake's of London

More info:

We’d been musing about the shawl-collared cardigan ever since we saw William Claxton’s marvellous photo book of Steve McQueen. There’s a series of casual shots taken in Big Sur, with McQueen wearing a stylish navy version of this cardigan with jeans and suede chukka boots. Casual elegance takes on new meaning.

We decided to revive this classic sweater with all its panache of an unconstructed jacket, but with a tad more comfort and versatility. Modesty no virtue, we’ve actually improved on the McQueen version, or any other for that matter. We believe our cardigan to be the veritable cynosure of this iconic sweater: finest four-ply ribbed cashmere, five braided British tan leather buttons, two front pockets, classic raglan shoulders, and a knitted cashmere throat loop closure. The shawl collar, need we add, is a paragon of discriminating design.


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