I was looking around for alternatives to J.Crew’s cashmere shawl collar cardigan this morning when I came across these from Drake’s of London.

Steve McQeen Inspired Cardigans from Drake's of London

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We’d been musing about the shawl-collared cardigan ever since we saw William Claxton’s marvellous photo book of Steve McQueen. There’s a series of casual shots taken in Big Sur, with McQueen wearing a stylish navy version of this cardigan with jeans and suede chukka boots. Casual elegance takes on new meaning.

We decided to revive this classic sweater with all its panache of an unconstructed jacket, but with a tad more comfort and versatility. Modesty no virtue, we’ve actually improved on the McQueen version, or any other for that matter. We believe our cardigan to be the veritable cynosure of this iconic sweater: finest four-ply ribbed cashmere, five braided British tan leather buttons, two front pockets, classic raglan shoulders, and a knitted cashmere throat loop closure. The shawl collar, need we add, is a paragon of discriminating design.