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Silver Slide Buckles

It needs a good polishing, but I finally got around to getting a new belt for this sterling silver slide buckle that I’ve had lying around unused for the past few years. Made in England like the best of them, it was purchased from J.Crew of all places back when they attempted to sell a small selection of high end goods under their own name. An engraving will come next.

Below, an example of one being worn from Ralph Lauren. These types of buckles are usually very small (about an 1″ or so in height), but they provide a nice visual break for your clothing when worn. The other benefit to these is that the leather straps can be easily switched out with other colors/materials.

A few buckle options available to purchase online:
Sid Mashburn, $175. Also available in a lesser expensive brass.
Brooks Brothers, $228.
Tiffany & Co, $215.
Ralph Lauren, $150.

Both Brooks Brothers and Sid Mashburn sell the needed 1″ leather belt straps.

Linen Caps


Spectator Penny Loafers

I didn’t think much of these until I spotted a worn in pair shown in Men’s File. It seems everyone was selling some variation of them up until recently, but of course now that I’m interested in a pair none can be found.

This pair from Brooks Brothers is close, but they only come in a black/white colorway. Ben Silver has a pair of spectator loafers from Alden as well, but only with tassels. Hopefully more will show up again for Spring/Summer 2011.


Ribbon Belts – Part 1


Spring Sales

Brooks Brothers has started its Friends and Family sale today – use code friend98 for 25% off at checkout. Some highlights: ribbon belts, clunky Black Fleece double-monks, and the interesting Black Fleece fragrance for men.

J.Crew has also added new items to their spring sale: it wouldn’t be a bad time to pick out shorts if you needed any.

And lastly, Rugby marked down some of their inventory 25-50% as part of their insider sale.

Update: J.Press starts their sale tomorrow on May 7th. Use code PSMAY10 for 25% off at checkout.


Brooks Brothers Chukka Field Boots

Spotted in their Spring 2010 footwear catalog.

brooks_brothers_navy_suede_chukka_bootsAvailable online in navy and tan suede.

Anatomy of a Shoe on Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers sent out a mailer today pointing to a new section on their site for information on their shoes, Peal and Co, and a flash diagram showing the basic anatomy of an Alden shell cordovan shoe. If you’re still unfamiliar with basic terminology and shoe care, it’s a good page to check out.

Continue reading more.

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Navy Blazers and Saxxon Wool

Due to a lack of options in stores locally, I’ve decided to take my search for a navy blazer online. My criteria: fits well, is cheap (say under $750), has decent construction, and is made from a fabric that is good enough to hold up to frequent travel.

The blazers from J.Crew and J.Press are at a perfect price point, but both fit me horribly. This navy sport coat from Engineered Garments is interesting, but was made from a heavy wool twill that is more suitable for an overcoat. Paul Stuart’s and Ralph Lauren’s jackets are also quite nice, but cost more than what I’m willing to pay for a jacket that I’d rather not fuss over.

The only ones that I have not yet tried are these blazers by Brooks Brothers. They’re made with Saxxon wool, their specially trademarked term for a wool taken from a supposedly pure blood line of Saxon sheep (the quaint video that Brooks Brothers has on their website is an interesting watch if you’re curious about the history behind it). I’m hoping their claims about it being both long lasting and wrinkle resistant are true, but I’ve ordered one to find out. I just hope that it fits.

Saxxon Wool

The Engineered Garments Fun Shirt

I’ve never quite understood the patchwork fun shirt. Even though designers like Thom Browne and Junya Watanabe will try them on occasion, it is one of those things that you never see outside of a Brooks Brothers catalog. Engineered Garments gave a shot at one this season as well, and in this rare case I would think that we’re lucky that it’s a Japan exclusive only.


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