Due to a lack of options in stores locally, I’ve decided to take my search for a navy blazer online. My criteria: fits well, is cheap (say under $750), has decent construction, and is made from a fabric that is good enough to hold up to frequent travel.

The blazers from J.Crew and J.Press are at a perfect price point, but both fit me horribly. This navy sport coat from Engineered Garments is interesting, but was made from a heavy wool twill that is more suitable for an overcoat. Paul Stuart’s and Ralph Lauren’s jackets are also quite nice, but cost more than what I’m willing to pay for a jacket that I’d rather not fuss over.

The only ones that I have not yet tried are these blazers by Brooks Brothers. They’re made with Saxxon wool, their specially trademarked term for a wool taken from a supposedly pure blood line of Saxon sheep (the quaint video that Brooks Brothers has on their website is an interesting watch if you’re curious about the history behind it). I’m hoping their claims about it being both long lasting and wrinkle resistant are true, but I’ve ordered one to find out. I just hope that it fits.

Saxxon Wool