Twitter Roundup

Some things that you might have missed if you’re not following me on twitter:

- Have you heard of Grahame Fowler? Take a look inside his store in NYC. Earlier coverage on The Trad.

- Monocle has a great article in this month’s issue on the business and ethics of the “Made In” labels. (subscription required)

- There is a restock of trousers for fall/winter at Howard Yount, many are already selling out fast.

- Noteworthy blogs to follow: Riveted and welldressed.

- Here’s another Ivy Look interview, in both French and English.

- Slashstroke Magazine makes a visit Nigel Cabourn. Also, did you know his Army Gym flagship store in Japan has a blog?

- French comics: wall art, and a blog all about Tintin.

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