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Tag: Howard Yount

Howard Yount’s Garment Dyed Trousers

After waiting too long to order and missing out on a recent restock of Howard Yount’s wool trousers, I decided to try a pair in their new garment dyed cotton instead. The fit is similar to the wool versions, and the wine colored fabric will be perfect to pair up with other fall colors. Unlike many of the wool trousers though, these are actually in still stock.

Some of the colorful details added:


Twitter Roundup

Some things that you might have missed if you’re not following me on twitter:

– Have you heard of Grahame Fowler? Take a look inside his store in NYC. Earlier coverage on The Trad.

– Monocle has a great article in this month’s issue on the business and ethics of the “Made In” labels. (subscription required)

– There is a restock of trousers for fall/winter at Howard Yount, many are already selling out fast.

– Noteworthy blogs to follow: Riveted and welldressed.

– Here’s another Ivy Look interview, in both French and English.

– Slashstroke Magazine makes a visit Nigel Cabourn. Also, did you know his Army Gym flagship store in Japan has a blog?

– French comics: wall art, and a blog all about Tintin.

Those Howard Yount Pants

Currently on sale in a few different patterns and sizes. So what’s the deal on these? Basically they’re value-priced high end trousers that are comparable in detailing and fit to many luxury brands, and are perfect for that minimal break look. I can’t wait to see what fabrics they’ll be available in for fall.


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