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Tag: 2nd

The British Royal Warrants

A useful list of holders can be found on wikipedia and the association also maintains a website.

1. Swaine Adeney Brigg 2. Lock & Co 3. London Badge & Button (Toye) 4. Launer 5. Penhaligon’s 6. Smythson 7. Truefitt & Hill 8. Atkinsons 9. Swaine Adeney Brigg 10. Parker 11. Smythson

(I was surprised to see Parker listed, and it turns out that the company was awarded a royal warrant back in 1962).

1. Ettinger 2. Globe-Trotter 3. Hunter 4. Loake 5. Turnbull & Asser 6. Tricker’s 7. Albert Thurston 8. Kent 9. Jabez Cliff 10. Dents 11. Haws

Images from 2nd.

Japanese Americana Street Style

Scans taken various issues of 2nd. While fun, most of these outfits are actually quite bad, and they’re almost all try hard or a combination of things that do not go together. On these guys though, it’s somehow cool. A fair isle sweater, cargo pants, and bright New Balance sneakers? Sure, why not. Hiking boots, dress pants, and a denim jacket? F’yeah!

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